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Wag! Personal dog walking

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One of the biggest concerns with dog owners is getting consistent walking. If you own a dog and no one is home all day, or if you go on vacation, there isn’t a quality way to let them have freedom to exercise while keeping them safe inside your home. Wag! Co-founder and CEO Joshua Viner was unsure about committing to take care of a dog since he wasn’t home often and it wouldn’t be fair to the dog to be stuck inside a cage all the time. He took this problem and created a very innovative unique solution.

Wag! is an app you get on your phone that allows people to come to your house and give your dog a walk. This idea sounded really weird to me at first but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Most dogs require at least 30 minutes of exercise per day with bigger dogs needing even more. A lot of time with people working full time jobs and having other activities it can be difficult to always find the time to walk your dog.

Wag! has a guarantee that your house and dog will be safe using their services and even have insurance up to 1,000,000$ for your home while using their service. They thoroughly screen everyone that applies to become a dog walker and does everything possible to keep your home and beloved animal safe.

This service is not only a great idea for dog owners but also for the people walking the dogs. Personally, I would love to be paid to walk people’s dogs and spend time with them. I was never allowed to get a dog as a child and so I always appreciate it when I get to be around any dogs. It also seems like a great way to make money as a college student looking for something to do over breaks or during free time at school.

All in all, Wag! is the best new service to help keep your dogs healthy. It helps owners know that their dog is well cared for and in the best shape possible while giving them the freedom to be away from home. Finally, it is a great new way for dog lovers to spend time with a lot of dogs and making money while doing it.

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Nested Knife Set

There are many different ways that people have innovated kitchens to save space. None of them seem as innovative as this Nested Knife Set by Mia Schmallenbach. They have made it so that 4 knifes fit into one another and form a seemingly solid stainless steel block. All the user has to do is slightly put pressure onto the tip of the blade they want and then grab the handle and pull it out.

These knives would be great for so many people’s kitchens. Not only do they have the practical purpose of being space efficient, they also look really cool! The picture shows how they all fit smoothly into the stainless steel base and create a smooth flat surface. This design is not only practical, but sleek and efficient.

The only problem with this knife set is the cost. The price for it is a whopping 900$ minimum. This is a very high quality item, not only with how the knives are made, but also with the material used, so it is expected for the price to be high. However, this price understandable turns away a lot of customers and possible users.

All in all, this Nested Knife Set is a great way of taking new innovation into a sleepy market. Not many people are dealing with how knives are being made, but rather what they are being made of. This innovation takes a new look at how the shaping of the knives could be improved and makes it a reality.

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Radiate Athletic Apparel

Radiate Athletic Apparel is a new twist on what you can wear to the gym. These shirts aren’t just for covering up, they provide a new way of seeing how much your workout is making you work. They are made with atoms that gain carbon electrons when valence electrons are accelerated by heat that comes off of your body during a workout. This causes the colors in the shirts to change colors when more heat is emitted from your body.

These shirts don’t just change colors to look nice, but they can help with recognizing what works during your workout. It doesn’t change based on sweat, but rather the heat in spots so you know that the area that changes color is the area being worked. This way you can know if an area is being neglected during your workouts by whether or not it changes colors. This is especially useful for body builders or anyone who is trying to increase a specific part of their body.

Not only does this shirt tell you where your body is heating up, but it also helps to keep your body cool by directing the heat and sweat away from your body. They use small channels between the fabric to help with the flow of excess heat and water away from your body to ensure a comfortable workout. The fabric they have created feels similar to spandex in the sense that it sticks tight to the body, however they have made this material much tougher so it can last through most extreme sports.

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Music by Ear

Music by Ear, founded by Jermaine Griggs, is an online website that has a multitude of instruments that are available for anyone to learn. They offer courses online for many different instruments and have a wide variety of ways that you can learn how to play them. They focus on piano and guitar, mainly due to the fact that those are the two most popular instruments to play. You can sign up for a free trial and then after you finish those you have enough of an understanding to be able to learn more on your own, or you can keep learning from the website for a subscription fee.

Jermaine Griggs has taken a fresh new look at the way we use technology and our desire to learn new things and molded them together. He has made it so simple for anyone to pick up a computer and any instrument that they have and learn in an easy manner. This product really stood out to me because I have had a guitar sitting in my dining room at my house and no one has played it in years. I was able to use this website to pick it up and learn a few chords in a matter of hours.

Jermaine has grown his website to have 300,000 loyal readers of his weekly newsletters and been able to expand the musical community extensively over the past 16 years. His dream from a young age has pushed him to be able to do what he loves in a way that gives an opportunity to anyone who wants to learn something new.
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Hollow flashlight


15 year old Ann Makosinski heard a story about her friend from the Philippines who failed out of her high school because she couldn’t study after the sun went down because she had no light. This story caused her to think about new innovative ways to get light, without the use of batteries or other electricity. She came up with the idea to make a flashlight that is made up of Peltier tiles. These tiles use are able to create energy when one side of the tiles are heated and the other side of the tiles are cooled. This lets the flashlight work for up to 20 minutes charged without any type of outside energy source.

This innovation is vary effective for developing countries. Similarly to what caused Ann to get this idea, when the sun goes down it is hard for people to have an effective form of light in developing countries. If they have no access to batteries or electricity, just being able to use the heat from their hand as a way to see is very effective.

There have been many innovations to the flashlight over the years, from windup power to using solar panels on flashlights for power. She decided that she didn’t want to have the people using her product to have to do anything else but hold it. This can have many different applications for use. Not only is this applicable for developing countries, but for my own personal use. My house’s electricity goes out every time there is a thunderstorm. It would be so nice to know I had a quality, reliable, easy to use flashlight whenever the electricity goes out. All in all, innovations such as this are very well thought out and useful for many parts of life.

Edge Ski App: Skiing safely

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Seventeen year old Ed Hardy, saw a severe lack of information quality regarding skiing and mountain slopes. He decided he wanted to change this and began working on the app Edge. Edge is designed as a helpful tool for any skier or snowboarder that is looking for information. They have more than 20 major resorts on their app and have information, such as the business of the slopes and ski lifts and also top speed and distance traveled, to help skiers know when is the most opportune time to hit the slopes.

Another innovative part of the Edge app is the way that they have not only provided information to a lot of people, but they have decided to make the app a way to connect with others. They gave the app a social aspect in which you can make and challenge friends to competitions. This is one of the more unique and special parts of the app, because they make something people already love and make it even more special.

Ed’s app is special to me because he didn’t really look for an idea to change, he started with something that he loved and found a problem within. If I looked at skiing, I wouldn’t be able to think of much to change with it, because. there has already been so much innovation in that area. However, Ed was around skiing so much that he was able to see an area that was not bad, but could be better and he changed it to make it more special.

Ed’s story has really taught me that I don’t have to go into a untouched field and make big changes or create something entirely new. It can be as simple as taking technology that already exists, and finding a new way to integrate it into something that is lacking.