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Remote Intelligence

Phil Benner is an entrepreneur involved in more than one business endeavor. In the restaurant area, he was involved in the startup of The Budlong. Another company he’s involved with, though is in a very different area. This company was started by Phil Benner, Merlin Benner, and Rob Schwarz in 2013. Over the last several years, the popularity of Unmanned Aerial Drones has been increasing dramatically. This growing field presented enormous opportunity for application and innovation. They found ways to use this technology in many areas through high resolution imaging, integrated mapping, aerial services. Some of the areas they’ve worked in include Wildlife Habitat Management, Energy Development, Real Estate Services, Search and Rescue, Disaster Relief, Resort Mapping, and Industrial Applications. The services and applications of this technology they provide are a great example of entrepreneurial opportunity in new and advancing technological fields.


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The Budlong

Phil Benner is an entrepreneur involved in more than one business endeavor. In the restaurant business, The Budlong is one of the startups he worked on. The Budlong is a series of hot chicken restaurants that has four locations in the busy city of Chicago. The idea for the Budlong came from Jared Leonard, who tried Nashville fried chicken at a barbecue conference. Realizing how big of a market a city like Chicago could offer for good, hot fried chicken like this, a team brought the idea to life. With the first store opening in 2016, they already have four restaurants in the city. With four levels of spiciness, naked, classic, hot, and x-hot, the delicious (trust me, it’s delicious) chicken appeals to a wide crowd. The good location and great food come together to make this business unique.

Designer Daddy

Nephi Garcia, born in the 80s, has a beautiful family with three kids and lives in California as a fashion designer. His specialty is princess costumes, along with others that come out of movies. These costumes are elaborate and are made of high quality materials. That’s not the only point of differentiation, though. Some of the dresses that Garcia makes “transform”. These dresses transform from “peasant to princess!” Not only does he make costumes for his daughter, but also for his sons and wife. Along with the transforming princess dresses, Garcia designs and sells adult costumes that start at $1800, compared to a starting price of $600 for children’s costumes. He spends anywhere from 12 to 48 hours making an adult dress and 4 to 6 on a child’s costume. Nephi Garcia, through his business, Designer Daddy, delivers a unique product that isn’t found anywhere else.


4Ocean was founded by two surfers who noticed the overwhelming amount of trash that litters the ocean. Deciding to act, Andrew Cooper and Alex Schulze started the organization. 4Ocean is an organization that cleans trash out of the ocean. They work with volunteers to do beach cleanups, partnerships with other cleanup organizations, and even have offshore cleanups. The offshore cleanups are done by the organization’s seven vessels that are out there seven days a week cleaning up the ocean. To fund the cleanups, 4Ocean sells bracelets online for just $20. Every bracelet bought pays for the removal of a pound of trash. The bracelets are made from recycled materials, including glass and plastic. Because of two surfers’ care for the ocean and willingness to do something about it, 140,188 pounds of trash and debris have been cleaned from not only coastlines and beaches, but also directly from the ocean.

Carter Liebman Design

Carter Liebman is a current college freshman. He is an Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and After Effects, as well as being certified in various other areas. He not only does graphic design, but has a vast experience in theater. Carter combines these skills and passions in a unique way, creating marketing design for theater shows. In this design, he has the ability to create designs for posters, social media, book covers, shirts, mugs, tickets, playbills, programs, buttons, wristbands, and various other necessities for many aspects of productions. After being recognized with awards in several areas, he started a small business around web design and promotional material.

Adams Apple Juice Bar & Café

Josh Adams is the founder of Adams Apple Juice Bar & Café. At 19 years old, he also owns and runs the business in Mansfield, PA. In this community, he recognized a growing need over time of somewhere for people to go, hang out, and socialize. In addition to this, there was also a good portion of the community with dietary restrictions. Looking to fulfill this need, Adams Apple Juice Bar & Café came to town.

When looking for ideas, Josh went to the college in that town to see what would be most useful for the students there. Offering various smoothies, juices, and waffles, the juice bar and café is completely gluten and dairy free, offering a healthy, all natural option to whoever wants to come and hang out. There are games to play and records to listen to, giving a great atmosphere for just spending time with friends. The juice bar shares the building with a contact sports club, making it a healthy and convenient option for those who come for a workout.

It’s all summed up in the mission statement:

“To provide ethical, healthy, and delicious food and drink options for the local community that address the majority of restrictive diets and to offer a welcoming atmosphere for all.”