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When it comes to recent technological advances, the phrase, “there’s an app for that” could be heard just about anywhere. But for couples what if there was an app to help women track fertility.

That is where James Moody comes into play. The 24 year old has recently been named as “Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur”.

Moody in recent years has started his own technology firm called Ayda. The company which as stated above helps to track women’s fertility and is looking to advance on that with designing a wearable fertility tracker that would allow the app to be more mobile.

Moody is living proof that no one is too young to try something too ambitious. Moody is only one year removed from the University setting and is already showing just how  much of an impact one can have with the right plan of action and when they know how to take initiative.

Another thing that set’s Moody’s idea apart is that it is so unique. The design alone, a women’s fertility tracker. No one else is doing anything like that. This is proof of how far creativity can take an entrepreneur if they really are willing to embrace the fact that in order to be successful one is going to have to be willing to be different.



Social media exploded during the early 2000s. Sites Facebook and twitter were bordering a billion users and young entrepreneurs were looking to take advantage and to cut a piece of the actions that seemed to be turning young people into overnight millionaires.

One such person was David Karp, the inventor of Tumblr. Karp after only one year of high school dropped out of high school and finished his education at home and started working on the side. After he finished high school, Karp did not choose to attend university instead skipped straight to the work force and began working as a software consultant. It was in 2007 when he officially opened up his microblogging website, Tumblr to the public. During the initial startup of the website, Karp invested of his own money in order to get the website moving.

From its development the website grew and grew and now hosts more than 250 million blogs.

Karp sold the company to yahoo for 1.1 billion dollars in 2013, and now his net-worth is more than 200 million dollars.

Karp is a wonderful example of a non-linear career path. As stated above, Karp didn’t just go to college or start with this or that internship solely because that is what you do. He looked at his own current situation and assessed what would be the best path for himself to succeed.

david karp


Many people have labeled him as the “teen whisperer” and his name is Josh Shipp, he is a motivational speaker with a net worth of over a million dollars.

Shipp started out his life in foster care and growing up went through the system in the many different places, moving a multitude of times. In school he was often know for lashing out and talking too much during class periods.

All of the mishaps and the lashing out would change after one of his high school teachers told him that it would be a good idea to talk to teenagers about his problems and the struggles that he faced.

Before long, Shipp began to get more and more popularity and the prices for his services began to skyrocket. That is when he officially began

Along with not only creating this website that has brought in millions of dollars-worth of revenue, Shipp has also founded Youth Speakers University which is a program that helps to train young people to become better motivational speakers.

josh shipp

Really Young Entrepreneurs

There is a common misconception in the business world that one must be of a certain age to really get their foot in the door of entrepreneurship and make a difference in the world. However, some seem to be questioning the validity of this argument. One young boy, Evan from the EvanTube YouTube channel is only 9 years old, yet through his three YouTube channels has gathered almost three million subscribe

Evan started making these YouTube videos with the help of his father when he was only five years old. He started recording videos of himself putting together Legos but the channel has grown to him doing toy reviews. And he has made more than 300 videos!


Right now because of the number of subscribers that Evan has pulled in over the last three years, between his three channels, he is making, an estimated 1 million dollars per year. He is one of the most viewed YouTube toy reviewers on the website and he is able to provide new toys on a regular basis for not only himself but also for his siblings.

Careers in YouTube

Here is the thing about making videos online. If you had told someone just a decade ago that your full time job involved making YouTube videos for a living, they would respond in one of two ways. The first thing they would have said I what is YouTube and the second is they would have told you that no one will ever make a decent living making internet videos.

But no one can predict the turns and changes in the trends of society over the period of a decade. Nowadays thousands of people find that they can make a majority to all of their income just from posting videos online. It is a quite astounding thought that most would not have dreamed of.

One such online entrepreneur is a man who goes by the name Jeremy Jahns. Jeremy is a 26 year old YouTube movie reviewer.

After high school Jeremy was just a normal working class movie theatre employee who thought that was going nowhere until he started to invest in making a YouTube channel in 2009. Quickly he gained subscribers and found that if he was to put the right amount of work into his channel that he could turn his hobby into a full time career.

Today Jeremy has over 500,000 subscribers and his channel is his only source of income.


Young Guitar Builder Making a Name


One rule stands firm in this game, people will buy name brand equipment. I this day and age it is nearly impossible for anyone to make a name for their brand as a guitar builder. The big names, the Fender Stratocaster’s and the Gibson Les Paul’s, those are the brands that people are willing to spend countless amounts of money on. Occasionally the seasoned professional guitarist will spend money on the custom guitar made by some luthier who is known for producing the best equipment. However, a young man by the name of Marc Demers is beginning to change this. At only the tender age of 21 years old, people are beginning to take notice of his talent for making high end guitars.

Demers has decided to name his company K. Normand guitars, and the company is quickly making a name for itself among the public in Canada.

Another different approach to the industry that Demers is taking is in the production of his instruments. All of Demers guitar are handmade by the man himself. He hopes to use these skills in order to make a bold statement among the Canadian guitar builders.