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For $10 a month you can get designer make-up sent right to your door. This seems like a dream come true to me, and I have found a way to accomplish this, thanks to Birchbox.

A monthly subscription service that was founded in New York City by two Harvard graduates, Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna, in 2010.  The company started trying to get funding and investors and managed to get over $1.4 million from venture groups that helped the business go from an idea to a multi-million dollar company. With over a million subscribers and over 800 partners the business has become a new way people think about buying make-up. Instead of having to go spend over a hundred dollars at a cosmetics store, we’re able to get samples of the make-up we like sent to us. Then they introduced the feature of being able to customize your box. This means that if you really like a product you are able to get products like it, or by the same brand.

The goal of the subscription sample boxes are to get people to buy the full size product from the retailer, and 50% of Birchbox users did go on to do so. Another feature that customizes the product to the consumer is Birchbox Points. Every time a customer purchases the full size product, refers a friend, or purchasing a box as a gift for a friend, would earn them points which they could put towards their boxes and buying products.

Birchbox also partnered with Instagram and Soldsie to open an Instagram shop. This means that customers who were interested in Birchbox products could comment with a hashtag (#birchboxcart) and it would automatically be entered into their cart on Birchbox.

This company has capitalized on both the social and business side of their idea and it has clearly paid off for them.

The Honest Company

When you see the name Jessica Alba you probably think of her as an actress, but she also is an incredible entrepreneur! Founder of The Honest Company, which is all about providing clean, safe, non-toxic products for families to use with their kids. As a mom herself, she saw the need for products that performed well and were “honestly free” of anything that could harm.

The company has adopted a “Honestly Free Guarantee” that promises that all of their products are made without “health-compromising components”. This sets it apart because their main goal is to keep kids safe and healthy, and not worry as much about the money or style.

Offering everything from laundry detergent, to diapers, to cleaning products, we are able to see how this business has grown and expanded from just products for kids, to products that the whole family can use. She also started her own beauty company that was also built on the foundation of clean and safe products. Her beauty company, Honest Beauty, opened its first physical location in 2015 and is now a popular brand among beauty gurus.

Alba shows that you aren’t stuck in one realm or career, you can be successful in many different areas as long as you are passionate.



Movies. A central form of entertainment for us all here in 2017. We watch them so often that sometimes we forget what we have and haven’t watched! If you are ever caught in this situation, then Letterboxd will be a great solution for you!

Started in 2011 by Matthew Buchanan and Karl von Randow, Letterboxd is all about rating and reviewing what you’ve watched. In this new form of social networking, you are given a platform where people from all over the world can come and look at your reviews and interact with you about them. I personally love watching movies, and sometimes I will watch one and have some very strong opinions and it just doesn’t seem like quite enough to vocalize them to my friends and family. So, when a friend showed me this site, I was all over it!

With both a free and paid version, you are able to access all the information about a film, ratings, reviews, adding it to your personalized lists, and even more. The paid version generates a “Year in Review” page for you. Every time you log onto the site you are given a refreshed page of new movies, films that are popular with your friends and lists made from popular users.

This site allows you to update your movie database and always be ready to discuss your favorite films and even meet new friends who love the same films and genres.

Are You Kidding??

Imagine you’re hanging out in a park and you hear two young boys, say around the age of 8 and 10, and they’re talking about their company. This company that they started and are now running and making some serious profits on. I’m quite sure that you would think they were playing a game, or just pretending. That is not the case with the Martinez brothers! These two entrepreneurs started a sock company that benefits multiple charities including Autism Speaks and American Cancer Society. As these two design new socks, with some very fun designs I might add, they put them up on their own website called “Are You Kidding Socks” with youth, adult, and even special pairs for select charities.

For $10.00 a pair you can enjoy some cute and unique socks that you know are benefiting a good cause.  This company goes to show that innovation can come at any age. You don’t have to be an adult to start a business. All you really need is a need to meet and a creative way to meet it.

I chose to write about this company to encourage people to innovate. Be creative, be crazy, and most of all have fun! You should never think that there are limits of what you can do or when you should be able to create. If anything, starting earlier is better. Start the patterns of innovation young, and then hopefully you will condition yourself so you never lose that mindset.

Check out their website and grab some socks, because who doesn’t want new, crazy socks!




Death Wish Coffee

Known as “The World’s Strongest Coffee”, this coffee company that started in 2012 has quickly become a well known name. How could they not with a tagline like that? Founder Michael Brown wanted to create a coffee that would wake up all of us non-morning people! So he came up with the idea for an extra strong regular coffee that you can brew at home and take with you. Largely based on online sales, their mission statement even commits to being a coffee that will “fuel you wherever you go”. They also have been trying to reach all the organic and health crowd coffee aficionado’s out there by being fair trade, high-quality, organic, and “best tasting”.

After being around for three years, they entered and won the Small Business, Big Game competition which rewarded them a thirty second Super Bowl commercial which skyrocketed their sales. They then became the official coffee sponsor for the New York City ComicCon and NASCAR driver Ty Dillon. Along with supporting many charities, they have also created a merchandise line with mugs and clothing that has also helped get their name into the world. They now sell coffee brewing equipment, gift baskets, “K-cups”, aged coffee beans and wholesale coffee along with all their other merchandise.

Their blog and podcast are updated at least once a week with stories from customers, coffee facts, and more. They run contests to give away free coffee and announce winners weekly.

This company has quickly become a household name, especially with millennials who have a need for a caffeine fix.  They have reached out to many niche areas like skateboarding communities, independent coffee shops, bands, and many other groups.

With the guarantee of being “the strongest coffee you will ever drink or your money back” this brand has taken over the coffee industry online and in your local grocery store coffee aisle.