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Since the rise of smartphones in America, there have been multiple mobile and web businesses created with the intention of promoting healthy living. Companies like fitbit, Noom, and MyFitnessPal have found great success. However, Hemi Weingarten has made a significant contribution to this market. Weingarten is the founder and CEO of Fooducate. Fooducate is a mobile app that helps one loose weight, track progress, and count calories that can get people motivated. Sounds familiar, right? However, Fooducate is the only app that looks beyond the calorie to help its users. This app has an immense library of the ingredients of almost every product you might find in the grocery store and any restaurant menu (from McDonald’s fries to your local burger joint’s ranch dip.) The app allows you to scan a product bar code, gives a quick overview of the pros and cons of the ingredients used to create that product, and track the quality of those calories. It really is a great app. I’ve used it over the past year and highly recommend it. Fooducate was created when Weingarten realized that a lot of the food he was feeding his kids contained a lot of unhealthy ingredients. Around that time, he was looking at what his next career steps were and fooducate wasn’t in his mind at all. One night, while he was having trouble sleeping, the idea just came to him. Weingarten says that was when the ball truly started rolling for his idea that became Fooducate!

Kerosene Fragrances

john_pegg_mediumJohn Pegg began his entrepreneurial venture by reviewing cheap and accessible colognes for men on his YouTube channel where he went by the name Kerosene. By saying accessible colognes, I mean that these are the colognes that one could find on the shelves of Walmart, CVS, or Target stores. These colognes are made cheaply and many synthetic chemicals are used to evoke natural scents. Eventually, Pegg began to review more and more expensive colognes that might be found on the shelves and displays of upscale department stores or perfume and fragrance boutiques (such as Guerlain or L’Artisan Parfumeur.)  Throughout his reviewing experience, john would find notes and smells that he enjoyed, yet he felt that they weren’t mixed or created to smell the way he wanted them to.

So, instead of searching for the perfect cologne that would please Pegg’s noes, he decided to create his own line of fragrances under his YouTube name, Kerosene. His first attempt to create a fragrance took over 6 months in his perfumery lab before he felt that it was ready to be sold to the public.o-25263

Among perfume collectors that would be made aware of his fragrance release praised his creation. Since 2011, when he began selling, Pegg has released over 16 different unisex fragrances.



Boomf was started back in 2013 by James Middleton. Essentially, boomf creates a personal twist on the marshmallow industry. People are able to upload pictures to boomf’s website and those pictures will be printed on squared marshmallows and sent out in gift boxes to whoever the customer wants to send them to!


boomf-instagram-pictures-on-marshmallows-1 The ink used is made out of food coloring and is totally safe to eat. Boomf is a company based in the UK but offers free shipping to all over the world.


They consider themselves an alternative to sending chocolates or flowers. Instead, you can send someone memories that you have shared together in the delicious form of fluffy candy!

Julian Smith

Julian Smith is another entrepreneur that started out on He began by making skits and music videos with his friends back in 2008 while uploading them to YouTube in his high school years. To his surprise, many of his videos were caught in the YouTube spotlight and were featured on YouTube’s front page. Julian continued to create videos for YouTube on a regular basis for the next four years. Mostly, his videos featured parodies of the ongoing dramas between his friends. Often, Julian would star as himself or as his deranged counterpart, Jeffry Dallas proving that he was more than a capable actor. During this period, Smith continued to gain popularity and subscribers. He also created his own website that featured high-quality streaming of his videos, access to his blog, and his ventures in photography.



Additionally, Julian created his own line of T-Shirts referencing jokes, sayings, and artwork from his videos that was sold on his website as well as in Hot Topic clothing stores all over the country. Julian also created his own music group called B-Story. B-Story’s single, “Back Then”, was released on his YouTube channel and on iTunes. Unfortunately, it never gained popularity. Although B-Story’s failure was disappointing, Julian jumped onto yet another venture, this time creating a hired for commission video company named, PaperTown. PaperTown was somewhat successful as the videos produced were both witty, well directed, and original. Julian’s work was eventually recognized by large companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Hot Pockets, and Purina. Julian went on to direct and star in commercials for all three companies that were successful and aired on live television.

During 2015, Julian hosted a weekly talk show on his YouTube channel. Here, Julian would interview various internet celebrities and content creators.11707496_10153108544917675_7173593004628460496_n

To this day, Julian is creating and directing ads behind the scenes. He also will occasionally still release a YouTube video on his old YouTube channel. Julian has said that the only reason he still uses his YouTube channel is to create content for his fans who helped start his entrepreneurial career in filmography.

Olan Rogers

Olan Rogers is best known for his personality. Because, quite simply, personality what he conveys most through all that he does. While Olan Rogers was  best known for his comedic stories he tells on his YouTube channel, his personality shines through all the many other projects he has started.


Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Olan rogers started his video blog series back in 2010 after graduating from the University of Memphis with Bachelor’s in Communication and Visual Arts. Since, starting his youtube channel, it has accumulated quite a subscriber base in the past six years. This is mostly due to his charming and hilarious story-telling videos that have gone viral multiple times. However, this is not all that his YouTube channel provides. In addition to stories and short, comedic sketches, his channel also hosts his feature length indie professional films recognized by such as Pop Rocket and New Prime.

Additionally, Rogers has launched his own clothing supply store where he sells merchandise related to his video content as well as apparel displaying art or clever sayings. Since launching his online clothing store, Rogers also opened The Soda Parlor, a store that provides a welcoming and chill atmosphere, selling apparel, artisan sodas, and floats. The Soda Parlor is located in Nashville and a second location will be opening later this Fall.



Beginning in 2017, Olan Rogers will be starting production on three more film projects under his newest project, Battle Bear Productions LLC. Under Battle Bear, Olan will provide animated tv shows as well as continuations of other film projects that he has started on his YouTube channel.

Feel free to check out his content below!

Quality Tech Reviews

Too often in the world of new and upcoming tech, one can be easily overwhelmed by the crowded feed of user reviews. Enter a simple search such as “iPhone Review” onto the YouTube search engine and one will find a plethora of videos all aiming to answer the same few questions. What does it do? How does it work? Is the product (the newest iPhone, for example) worth the cost? Does it succeed or live up to one’s expectations? Is it better than the competitor’s options? These are simple questions that the consumer asks. Unfortunately, many reviewers fail to communicate to the average consumer the answers they seek. Too many reviews focus on specs, build quality, or the camera, but few have always been able to deliver to the consumer a holistic perspective on whether or not the piece of tech delivers.

Enter Marques Brownlee. Born in December of 1993, Marques is an American based, Youtuber specializing in technology reviews. In 2013 Vic Gundotra, the former senior Vice President, Social for Google Inc. named Marques Brownlee “the best technology reviewer on the planet right now.” Why is this?

Marques Brownlee

                               Marques Brownlee

While his videos have always been informative, he originally gained popularity for responding to his viewers such as answering questions they brought to him and by asking his viewer what they were interested in viewing. Since 2008, his channel has gained over 3.7 million subscribers making him the most subscribed to ‘tech based’ YouTube channel.




Marques stands out from the many reviewers on YouTube using his deep understanding of technology to explain new and complicated developments. However, unlike many, he does this using simple terms and straightforward videos creating high quality tech reviews answering the questions the consumer might have.