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Chameleon Inc.

Chameleon Inc. was an idea that came to Mike Kritzell and myself, Gabe Friel. At the time we were both going into our senior year of high school. We were always the type to try to find new business ideas and innovate in interesting ways. Together we started 4 businesses, two of which won regional 2nd and 3rd in Junior Achievements Regional Competition with one being invited as one of the top 15 Junior Achievement businesses in North America to compete in The National Student Leadership Conference. Chameleon was just one of our various businesses, but also one of our favorites because we invented the product.

We took an old idea and renovated it. Chameleon sold color changing phone cases. These phone cases would change based on heat and we even got some of our other businesses in on it too. We reinvented the product many times, but could never get it quite right because it was too expensive. Over the course of 7 months we failed to make an identical product consistently. Neither of us knew anything about chemistry or paint, but by the time we liquidated we had a pretty good idea of what worked and what didn’t. The only reason we let it go was because we had missed a much needed opportunity and were running out of time with our busy schedules.

This product along with other ideas and businesses we had made for the fun of it because we saw either a lack of innovation, we had to much free time, or quite simply we needed money. This is why it is important to share ideas and partner with people to help mature your ideas and bring them to their potential, because we were always coming up with new ideas, but when were worked together on them they thrived.

Grady’s Pitching School

Mike Grady’s Pitching School
I am going to talk about

  • Who Is Mike Grady
  • What is Mike Grady’s Pitching School
  • How is he a successful millennial entrepreneur

Mike Grady is a man who has been involved in baseball his whole life, playing for North Canton Hoover High School and Malone University as well as coaching at Malone with many notable honor and awards for his career as a player and coach. In his love for the sport he decided to share his years of experience with others and has had much success doing it to which you can see for yourself if you visit the link . With the success he has here, he decided to teach to others as well. He taught business classes in Massillon, but now teaches in his home town of North Canton at Hoover High School. There he is head of the business department and teaches a majority of the classes. Here he also teaches a senior level class called Business and Entrepreneurship, in this Junior Achievement class he has coached 3 teams to the National Student Leadership Summit in only 2 years. He still teaches at Hoover as well as maintaining his pitching school.

Grady’s Pitching School is a place where young players go to fine tune their baseball game. He focuses on pitchers, but has taken others as well. Here he has developed kids to reach their potential, he has coached many kids who have had very successful careers and kids throwing 90 mph fastballs at the age of 17 and 18. His business is run and maintained by him and him alone.

I believe he is a successful entrepreneur because there are plenty of trainers in the North East Ohio region and in the Stark County area, but he still has proven time and time again that his service is the best choice for your money. He also proves his success by the way he mentors his kids and customers on the diamond and in the classroom with his students showing much success as well during and after his classes.

Socail Media and Communication and how Facebook changed them

It is funny talking about Facebook because I can’t remember a time without it. Facebook was originally created so someone could rate faces of anonymous individuals. It has become though the platform on which it seems all other social media is either based or modeled after. I know that almost everything you connect to via internet now has an option for you to connect that to Facebook or Sign-up/Login using Facebook. People will even look at social media now before hiring someone. Besides being a place to share what is on your mind people will use it before their dates or just after meeting someone, or more so to look up to see how old friends are doing, or send a message to someone you have been meaning to talk to like a relative or friend. This masterfully crafted product was created by the household name Mark Zuckerberg. At the age of 32 he now has a NET worth of nearly 55 billion dollars. Facebook although seems to have been taken over by moms, has been coming back with the introduction of Instagram. Instagram is masterfully crafted to once again revolutionize social media, this time it is a lot harder to rant about politics and silly viewpoints. Instagram users share a picture followed by a short caption. It has only been recently that advertising/sponsored posts have been seen on Instagram. Mark has been in the spotlight a lot over the past few years with his recent successes and I have no doubt that though we haven’t seen him recently he will be back, and maybe this time with something even better.

Personal Video and Solo Shot

Soloshot is a company that has recently caught the eye of media. Soloshot was started on the idea that it was difficult to create a quality personal video while surfing. This obviously has much more application than its initial intentions and is revolutionizing the personal filming industry created by the introduction of the GoPro. The difference between these two companies is that Soloshot is able to track the subject with an automated swivel. This swivel can turn from side to side as well as up and down. GoPro was and is a great product that would be strapped to some sort of base, they have innovated their own product several times coming out with new products and accessories to optimize the consumers experience with their product. Once Soloshot can optimize their product in such a way GoPro has they will be able to stand as a strong competitor. Soloshot was started by Chris Boyle a young and very successful entrepreneur, who at the age of 22 had already started a company for medical devices and next-generation materials and that had a licensing agreement with a fortune 500 company. He solved a common issue among personal film making, that was, how to capture hours of high definition video from a spectator angle without having to rely on someone to stand for hours at a time, pointing a camera.