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Charlotte Fortin is Wound Up in “Wound Up”!

Charlotte Fortin’s one word of advice to those considering starting a business, “Go for it.”

Fortin is a seventeen-year-old graduate from Belle River High School who had the courage to start her just three-month-old clothing business called “Wound Up Urban Couture”. “Wound Up” is a clothing marketing to women ages 18 to 40. Fortin’s father is what inspired her to follow her dream of opening a clothing store. Not only that, but she comes from a long family line of entrepreneurs and small business owners, so starting her own business was not something totally new to her.

Charlotte has been very grateful for her experience in the business thus far. She says, “I have learned more in the last three months than in four years of high school.”

And she is not done yet. Because of her young age, Charlotte has her whole life ahead of her to become even more successful than she already is. Charlotte hopes to get a job in fashion merchandising and work with a designer to create her own brand. On top of that she hopes “Wound Up” continues to grow and be successful. job in fashion merchandising

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“Wound Up Urban Couture” located on 195 Ouellette Street, Belle River.

Gladiator Lacrosse

Rachel Zietz is the founder of Gladiator Lacrosse, a high quality sports training equipment line at an affordable price.

She was inspired to start this company when her coach told her she needed to work on her skills outside of practice. Without the proper equipment and resources to practice, Rachel found herself at a disadvantage compared to the other athletes. She struggled to find affordable, durable equipment that would allow her to even play the simple game of “wall ball.” Rachel then participated in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy Program (co-sponsored by Florida Atlantic University and Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce). This program gave her the idea to solve her problem by creating Gladiator Lacrosse.

Rachel is a sophomore in High School and she has already accomplished a vast amount of success in the Lacrosse equipment industry. Her drive and creativity will allow her to achieve greatness throughout her life.

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Manly Man Candles

As a young, 14-year-old entrepreneur, Hart Main saw a need for more manly-smelling candles for manly men so he capitalized on it. Instead of the typically fresh laundry, flowery smelling candles, Hart created “ManCans”, candles made for men that are “more likely to smell like a fresh new baseball glove”.

Hart’s idea started as a joke when he was teasing his sisters’ “girly scented” candles that she was selling for a school fundraiser. His mom then suggested that he make a more masculine scented candle to solve this problem. With Hart’s $100 and his parents $200 investment his business took off from there.

“ManCans offers eight scents so far: New York Style Pizza, Grandpas Pipe, Sawdust, Campfire, New Mitt, Fresh Cut Grass, Coffee and, of course, Bacon.”

Not only has Hart’s business flourished economically in the for-profit industry, but he has also donated his time and money to various charities. The candles are made of empty soup cans that have been purchased by his family and the soup is donated to a local soup kitchen. Hart’s mom makes the candles in their kitchen with supplies from Ohio, but they are looking to rent out a space because their kitchen has become overwhelmed with candle products.

Hart presents himself as a very professional business man for only being 14 years old. He cares about his company and the way things are run. He had a simple idea to a problem that he was passionate about it and he created a very successful business out of it. ManCans are now sold in stores across the country and Hart is gaining a decent profit from it.

Let Hart Main be an example to us all that age is just a number and that you can do or change anything you are passionate about.

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Hart Main and his “ManCans”.

Mo’s Bows: Youngest Entrepreneur on Shark Tank

Moziah Bridges: Mo’s Bows

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“I’m living proof that you can be anything you want – at any age”, said Moziah Bridges, the youngest entrepreneur to ever appear on “Shark Tank” and the President and Creative Director of Mo’s Bows. 

Moziah Bridges was just 13 years old when he appeared on the well known TV show, “Shark Tank” and became the youngest entrepreneur to do so. Moziah created this company in his grandmother’s kitchen table located in South Memphis, when he came to the conclusion that there just weren’t enough bow ties in the world to match is outgoing personality and style. He was dissatisfied with the lack of the selection of bow ties for kids his age. To solve this problem, he decided to make his own handmade bow ties, and thus started the internationally recognized Mo’s Bows company.

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Mo’s Bows mission is to make you look and feel your best while catering to the sometimes conservative, fun-loving lady or gentleman.” Moziah has truly lived up to the mission of his company. Not only is he an inspiration for aspiring young entrepreneurs, but he is also a living example of what a dream and some hard work can get you. In three years Moziah created a $150,000 business that has quite the following and he is not done yet. Moziah has “donated $1,600 to send 10 children from his hometown of Memphis to Glenview Summer Camp”. He hopes to go to college for fashion and start a full clothing line by the time he is 20.


If this kid can do it all while still getting to bed at 8:30 every night, why shouldn’t we? Let Moziah’s creativity and drive inspire you to follow your entrepreneurial dreams.


Ollie’s Shop : Inspired by Overcoming Bullying

Ollie Forsyth is an 18 year old entrepreneur who started his own company called Ollie’s Shop in 2010. His company all started when he was relentlessly bullied in school for his dyslexia and for “being different”. His peers said “he’d never succeed in life”, and said that “he was a nobody”. Instead of letting the negativity from his peers drag him down, he used that energy to fuel his passion towards starting a business and his entrepreneurship mind. Ollie started out by selling friendship bracelets to his friends and eventually he was selling them to the friends of his friends! From there, is company took off.

Ollie was inspired by a self-made billionaire named Richard Branson. He said he “was determined to become like him.” Driven by the negative energy surrounding him from his peers, Ollie started his first company at age 13 (which was three years younger than Branson when he first started his company). Even before this start, Ollie always had a knack for earning money, whether it was mowing the lawn or reheating his parents’ coffees, he was always looking for an investment.

Ollie’s first business is called Ollie’s Shop which is an online gift boutique that sells cute, trendy jewelry and belts for teenage boys and girls. Once his business picked up on day one, it did not stop. In his first six months, he made 2500 pounds. It is safe to say that Ollie is a great success, and a great entrepreneur at that. Ollie also pairs with specific charities to donate directly to them.

What I admire most about Ollie is his drive and determination not to let the hurtful words from his peers affect him. He instead used that drive to fuel his entrepreneurial mind and become the success that he is today. He overcame his disability and proved to himself and others that truly nothing can stop you from doing something if you are passionate about it. I hope to follow his example in all of my endeavors. I am inspired by who he is and what he has accomplished.

Ollie’s next big idea:

A quote from Ollie, “Things like this happen in life, but you have to crack on with life. Onwards and upwards!”