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Actress Turned Entrepreneur

lauren-conrad-1Lauren Conrad is a well-known actress and reality-TV show star however most people do not know that she has become a successful young entrepreneur, owning two clothing lines as well as a book franchise and two websites. She used her fame and publicity to help launch her first clothing line and demonstrate that she wasn’t just the next star to create a business on a whim, instead she was committed and passionate about where she wanted her business to go. In 2007, she launched her first clothing line, The Lauren Conrad Collection. Although it ended up being a dismal failure, she learned and grew through her mistakes and launched a second, successful clothing line in 2009, LC by Lauren Conrad, in conjunction with the retailer Kohls. Since then, she has launched another clothing company, Paper Crown, written eight books, and started two websites.


In 2013, Lauren and her friend Hannah Skvarla were inspired to start a non-profit named the Little Market. It is a company that empowers women artisans and provides a market for their products to be sold in order to provide for their families. Today, The Little Market partners with 26 artisans in 16 countries to carry their products and they hope to grow that number even more.


Lauren has found much success with her products and websites, however she is not stopping there. She said stated that she no interest in returning to television, instead she wants to continue on with her businesses and keep doing what she loves. Lauren Conrad is a millennial entrepreneur who gives a wonderful example of using fame and success to get where she wanted to be, entrepreneurial, and then taking her success from there and giving back to others with dreams just like hers.


Her personal website:

The Little Market website:


Suja Juice: A Lifestyle

suja-juice-1Annie Lawless had many health issues as a child and young adult and a result of that discovered a new found passion for health and nutrition in her teenage years. This passion and expertise in nutrition led her to found, with several co-founders with similar passions, Suja Juice.

Suja Juice makes organic cold-pressured juices and smoothies. In 2015, they were named #2 on Forbes “Most Promising Companies: The Top 20 of 2015.” They have remained popular and have received much attention and acclaim for their products. In January, Suja was valued at more than $300 million and they are expected to reach $70 million in sales this year.




Annie Lawless created a business that she, and her co-founders, were passionate about and grew that business because she also found a niche that consumers were passionate about.  The nutrition and health food market is one that is extremely specialized and each consumer has their very own favorite good that he or she seeks out which can be deflating or inflating for companies. Suja Juice is a company that offers a product that many consumers will go out of their way to find, which shows success in what the company is making and doing. Annie Lawless is a millennial entrepreneur who fully embodies the spirit of what being a millennial entrepreneur means and practices it every day. Well done, Annie!


You can Suja Juice’s website here:

You can also find Annie Lawless’ personal blog here:


Ideas at Your Fingertips


In March of 2009, Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra founded Pinterest, a catalog of ideas and inspiration. Originally, no one understood the concept but one day, after a program called “Pin It Forward” was started, users suddenly began to realize what they could do with such a powerful interface as Pinterest. Since then, Pinterest became so popular that it had 17 million users in 2012, compared to the 5,000 users it started with.  It has since grown beyond expectations and is used in thirty languages around the world.


Today, Pinterest is global site that is used for everything from recipes, to clothing inspiration, to home improvements, or even funny pet videos. Although it may seem counterintuitive, they hope to inspire users with their mission and encourage them to get out and do things. Although Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra may have felt as though they did not know what they were doing as they were designing Pinterest, they have created an international phenomenon that remains fruitful and popular today.


Pictures Made Social

instagram-2Instagram… something that the vast majority of young people today are more than familiar with. However, not many people know about the founders of Instagram or the early days of Burbn which became the photo sharing app that is known and loved today. Kevin Systrom originally created an app that resembled Foursquare however it differentiated itself by using text messages and photos. With some funding and the new addition of partner Mike Kreiger, Systrom was on his way to creating something unique and totally unexpected in the world of social media.


The two men realized that mobile photos were an area that held interest and promise. They took what they liked from Burbn, shared photos with comment and like capabilities, and crafted that into a brand new app, Instagram. After weeks and months of creating a name and developing the app, on October 6, 2010, Instagram was released to the public. Within hours, 10,000 users were counted. Today, Instagram is bustling social media platform with over 400 million users and 95 million photos uploaded per day. A mere one and half years after its successful release, in April 2012 Facebook acquired the company for one billion dollars, making Systrom and Kreiger instant millionaires. Although Instagram is no longer owned and operated by its original founders, the app retains its unique perspective on sharing as well as its popularity. Systrom and Kreiger are examples of entrepreneurs who partnered together and used the strengths of each man, along with existing product inspiration, to create an app in a niche area that remains wildly popular today.

Parker’s Maple

As an 11 year old, Joshua Parker took a school field trip that would change the rest of his life. That trip fashioned a passion for maple syrup that could not be quelled in Joshua. Four years later, he turned that passion into a business that is thriving today, Parker’s Maple. Parker’s Maple produces real maple syrup, real maple butter, and real maple cotton candy. In 2015, Joshua Parker was interviewed by Glenn Beck on his nationally syndicated radio show and six months later Parker’s Maple products could be found in over 500 stores in 50 states and four countries. parkers-maple-2

Joshua Parker took a passion that developed at a young age and turned that into a company with a unique product and a unique passion. Today, Parker’s Maple is becoming more well known and will be appearing on the nationally televised TV show, Shark Tank. With the help of Glenn Beck and publicity like Shark Tank as well as the growing consumer demand for real maple, Parker’s Maple will continue to grow exponentially into the future. parkers-maple-3

Madeline and Company

Throughout high school, Madeline Falknor searched for a backpack that was functional and classy but she couldn’t find something that met both requirements. So… she made one. During the summer of Madeline’s senior year with the help of her mom, she launched her line of polished and practical backpacks, Madeline & Company. Madeline now features nine different backpack styles that can be bought on her website, This young entrepreneur has had the examples of her mother and grandfather before her to inspire and mentor her and also to provide advice and assistance. She also saw a need as well as a niche market that could be used to her opportunity. Madeline has become a successful millennial entrepreneur and runs her company while completing her senior year of high school. She proudly sells a Made in America product and hopes that she will make a difference with her it. left-box