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Leanna Archer

Starting at 9 years old, now 17 and serving as a CEO of a company that has been recognized by Forbes and Success Magazine, Leanna Archer is one successful entrepreneur! At just 9 years old she started her own business by bottling and selling hair pomade from her great-grandmothers secret recipes. Originally only selling to close friends and family now has a wide variety of customers. Besides her hair pomade business she also started Leanna Archer Education Foundation that’s mission is to help build schools and safe learning environments for underprivileged children in Haiti. leanna-archer

Zag App

A young entrepreneur from Kenya had an early life full of hardship to get to where he is today. Mubarak Muyika was an orphan at the age of 10. He was very smart even from a young age and was offered a scholarship to Harvard which he turned down. At the young age of 16 he founded Hypecentury Technologies which is a web hosting company. Later he created a cloud enterprise software called Zagace. This assists companies in the basic managing of inventory, payroll, stock, etc. Then creating the app version called Zag apps to make it easier for the heads of the companies to access the information.

Aqau… whats? Lets Just Call them Grove Labs

People who live in apartments or even in the artic don’t have the ability to grow their own foods. Well Jamie Byron and Gabe Blanchet saw this as a problem that didn’t have a direct solution. The idea started during their senior year at MIT when Jamie had built an indoor aquaponic garden. Jamie and Gabe used this to grow their own greens, fruits, herbs, etc.

Jamie and Gabe

Jamie and Gabe

They set off for the challenge of making these indoor aquaponic gardens, which would be named Grove Labs, attractive enough that it would be home décor with a purpose. The Grove Labs aren’t just a way for people to grow gardens in their homes, it promotes healthy living and helps the earth! Way to go Jamie Byron and Gabe Blanchet!

If you are wondering if that is a fish tank at the bottom... it is!!!

If you are wondering if that is a fish tank at the bottom… it is!!!

From Desire to Production of Scan App

A few months prior to the iPad 2 coming out in stores, Garrett Gee, a university student, was inspired to find an easier QR code software and apps specifically for the iPad 2. Through his mission he ended up developing one of his own called Scan. He was so dedicated and invested in this product that he had spent two sleepless nights with an iOS developer to then finally accomplish his goal. Garrett was able to make the Top Ten listing for apps specific to the devise and ended up recruiting two fellow classmates to then launch the scan on February 2011.
Garrett Gee

Later on the team earned 10 million downloads and got paid from venture capitalists with a whopping $1.5 million dollars all with in the first year. By October 2011 Scan was downloaded by 21 million people. Garrett and his team are not stopping here, they have big plans to develop a monetization plan for Scan.

Quizlet #2

Most of us have used Quizlet at some point or another in our student careers. Quizlet goes beyond just flash cards on a mobile devise. It allows teachers and students to study, take practice tests, and play games together in class on mobile devises. This is all to prepare for up coming tests together and help make studying not seem like a chore.

But who was the Entrepreneur who came up brainstormed this technology? It was at the time 15 year old Andrew Sutherland! In October 2005 Andrew had started Quizlet and since then 300,000 people have registered to participate in over 35,000,000 games! So thanks to Andrew there is now a cool way for teachers to interact with their students in the classroom more and help them not feel like studying is a chore.