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Zach’s Web Designs

Zachary Weisenthal, Zach's Web Designs

Zachary Weisenthal, only 14 years old, is already a successful web designer and entrepreneur. Zach was inspired to launch his business, Zach’s Web Designs, after attending the entrepreneurial Maverick Family Freedom Event with his father. Zach’s business builds customizable websites for a variety of businesses. His company has already generated $15,000 in revenue from designing only 3 websites. Zach took a passion of his, web design, and was able to create a successful entrepreneurial venture out of it. This is a great example that if you have a skill, people are always willing to pay for it if you market yourself well.

Mo’s Bows

Moziah Bridges

Moziah Bridges, only 13 years old, is well on his way to becoming a fashion mogul. Moziah, better known as Mo, created his own bow tie business at age 9. Within the next year, Mo was able to present his business on Shark Tank, making him the youngest entrepreneur that has ever been on Shark Tank. Not only is Mo innovative, but he has been very successful. Within the first three years of business, Mo’s Bows has made $350,000, and every year since launch, their sales have only continued to grow. Mo’s story is a great reminder that you can be successful no matter how young you are.



Evan, the face of the highly successful YouTube channel EvanTube, is only 9 years old, but has already become a millionaire. On the channel, Evan reviews toys and builds Lego sets for millions of people. Evan is estimated to make more than $1.3 million a year, which is pretty good for a 9 year old. Thanks to Evans YouTube success, he won’t have to worry about college expenses, and will have a pretty nice head start on life. Evans story is a great example to follow your passions, such as building Lego’s, and it could end up being a great success.

Are You Kidding

Sebastian Martinez, CEO, Are You Kidding?

Sebastian Martinez is only 7 years old, but he’s already CEO of his own company and a philanthropist. Sebastian has a passion for collecting bright and crazy socks, so one day his mother suggested that he should design his own. This idea turned into Sebastian’s company called Are You Kidding, which he started at age 5. Not only has Sebastian created his own business, but he has been pretty successful too. In his first year of business, Sebastian’s company made $15,000 and has done increasingly well every year after that. Are You Kidding has also team up with some charitable organizations to help raise over $3,000 for cancer awareness. Sebastian is a great example that age should never hold anyone back from pursuing their passions.

Mr. Cory’s Cookies

Cory Nieves used his dream of making the world a better place for everyone and his entrepreneurial spirit to create Mr. Cory’s Cookies. In 2010, Cory told his mother that he was tired of taking the bus to school and that he wanted to buy a car. This dream started off by selling hot cocoa to raise funds. After realizing his dedication to his new business, Cory began to sell more things, like lemonade and cookies, along with the hot cocoa. Cory and his mother spent months learning to bake and trying to craft the perfect cookie recipe. After months of hard work, Cory finally created the perfect chocolate chip cookie that was all-natural and made from high-quality, organic ingredients. Through his cookies, Cory has been able to work with some of the nation’s leading companies, such as: Macy’s, Mercedes-Benz, Ralph Lauren, TOMS, etc. In addition to this, Cory has also been on several TV shows, such as: ABC News, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and many others. Cory is a very successful young man at only 10 years old, and has a bright future ahead of him.


ManCan, an invention by 14-year old Hart Main, developed a line of manly scented candles. Hart came up with the idea for manly scented candles when he was teasing his sister about the girly scented candles that she had to sell for a school fundraiser. At the time his sister didn’t think too much of the idea, but as time went on, Hart began to pursue the idea of creating manly scented candles, and it turned into a nationwide success. Hart started his business with an initial investment of $100 of his own money, and $200 from his parents, and they all worked together to develop the candles as a group. ManCans are available in multiple scents, including: Campfire, Bacon, Sawdust, Fresh Cut Grass, Grandpa’s Pipe, and others. ManCans have had great success through selling the candles in over 60 stores throughout the country, which has led them to over 9,000 sales. The story of Hart Main and his development of ManCans shows that anyone can be an entrepreneurs no matter how young they may be.

Password Safety Has Never Been Easier

Entrepreneur, Co-founder, and CEO Brennen Brynes created a software called Clef. Clef gets rid of the needs for passwords. With this software, you can automatically log into website based on the recognizing of your device. Clef is the safer, easier way to log in to websites without the hassle of passwords. Clef already powers logins for more than 40,000 sites across the web and is growing quite quickly among bitcoin, gaming, and developer tool sites. Brennen Brynes reinvented what many thought that a password could be, and because of this I believe he is a transformational entrepreneur.