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Will Paterson

Image result for will patterson designWill Paterson is an England designer with specialties in Company Identity and Branding for his clients. He has an established website and is active on YouTube and Instagram. On his website, he displays his hand lettering and logo design work. He speaks about his goals as a designer and specifically mentions that he wants to take his talents and continually expand them into new avenues as he adapts to the changing markets. On his YouTube channel, he has a multitude of videos explaining logo design from a very broad aspect to specific important details of logo designs.  He is continually putting out content for his followers, from courses on design programs to critiques of designs his followers send to him. It ranges from educational to entertaining and I believe it is a great variety so that he reaches as many people as possible.

Image result for will patterson designHow is Will an Entrepreneur? As a designer he has to adapt and be flexible to be available to potential clients, he has a passion for giving an image and identity to companies, he creates with his hand writing, and he networks through his various social media platforms. With all that, bottom-line, he creates an interesting and successful product for a market that is looking for his work. And with his work he has made the effort to not only be a creator but a teacher through his following on Instagram and YouTube.

Check him out on his website here.

Mustafa Khanwala – MishiPay

MishiPay LogoThe story of how MishiPay came about is quite simple, waiting in line for 20 mins at a supermarket just for a can of soda is incredibly too long. Why wait for so long for a product, surely the process could become faster if they allowed self-check out? Mustafa Khanwala came up with just that process, he came up with the idea for an app that allowed customers to scan a bar code on a product at a supermarket and pay for it through their phone. This allows the customer to save a great amount of time and the store to save money and time without the need for a lot of check-outs. Mustafa fits the qualities of an Entrepreneur by simply establishing a problem and then following through with a solution. It’s amazing to think that something so simple as waiting can be easily solved and taken as an opportunity from a start-up business.

Joe Coulombe – Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is best known for its high quality healthy food. The vibe of every story is exciting, optimistic and inviting. Joe Coulombe is the founder of this well established company. His idea came from the want to provide higher quality products for recent college grads. As he expanded his business he opened stores near universities and thus started the snowball effect that was Trader Joe’s. Joe exemplifies the attributes of an entrepreneurial thinker because he saw an opportunity a need that young adults needed, a healthy food option. He recognized his competition and adapted to create a certain image and atmosphere so each visit could be memorable to his customers. Trader Joe’s is well known for its tropical style environment and joyful vibe. Seemingly simple but effective idea and implementation.

Sarah Sebastian-JoJo & Sofia

Styles are always changing within society. Vintage, old, and antique all are prevalent terms in today’s fashion and daily dress. Sarah Sebastian started the small, mostly online, company JoJo & Sofia. Named after her two grandmothers, she started a company that focuses on obtaining whole sale vintage items and incorporating them into men’s dress accessories and women’s necklaces. Sarah is an excellent example of an entrepreneur, she took a passion and recognized the want for unique vintage dress accessories. She first started with tie clips and has since expanded to also selling pocket squares and women’s necklaces. The growth that her company has displayed and the unique niche she is working within contribute to the entrepreneurial character that she owns.

I highly recommend checking out this interview Sarah had talking more about her company!

Quinn Hu – Distractify

What distracts us in this day and age? Videos, articles, comment wars, etc. on our Facebook feeds are big attention grabbers. I think we can all agree Facebook’s path has turned from an opportunity to keep up with people into the latest news/drama/debates source. Media companies are consistently promoting these eye-catching  topics and finding success in them.  Quinn Hu, a 23 year old entrepreneur, has jumped on this opportunity. He is the co-founder and CEO of the company Distractify. There’s not much to say about this company, their title says it all. They aim to enhance your waiting experience, study struggles or any other seemingly boring task by providing interesting videos, articles, and topics for your choosing. According to their website, they are fulfilling that need by drawing 30 million people away from their boring tasks each month.

Quinn Hu has fulfilled a growing need, he’s seen an opportunity and created a solution. He exemplifies the thought-process, attitude, and go-get-it qualities found in successful entrepreneurs.

Bobby Murphy

Most people understand what Snapchat is and how integrated the app has become with everyday communication. Bobby Murphy is the co-founder of this popular app. This entrepreneur, and the team he worked with, clearly exemplifies the process of innovation and the patience and dedication needed to make an idea successful. Taking a simple complaint when someone wished for a social media photo to just vanish and presenting a solution. They faced a hurdle with starting out, having naming issues and getting their idea out to the public. After more refining they gained enough attention and became well on their way to success. Snapchat has not only solved that problem but has enhanced communication with others. It’s added another element from standard texting and also continued the reality that an individual can communicate globally.

The innovation that Bobby has made is impressive. Snapchat has become the norm, its created countless happy memories for users and established itself as a significant social media app that is more private compared to its competitors. What I find to be the most interesting is that Snapchat’s main focus was on personal conversations and they grew from there. You have Facebook, however, that grew from allowing users to publicly update. This has just showed me how there can be success in an idea that might seem as unnecessary or too simple, but if applied in the right manner can be extremely successful.

Bobby Murphy and his success with Snapchat has shown clearly the entrepreneurial process of expanding a simple solution into a huge and significant movement.