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When a 6 year old wants a Car… He makes Cookies!

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Cory Nieves (Mr. Cory) was a young kid who took the bus to school, one day he told him mom he wanted to buy a car, something we’d expect a 6 year old to say. He then started selling hot Chocolate to raise the funds for one. Once Cory’s mom realized how dedicated he was. She encouraged him to start saving money for college through the sales he is making. He wanted to expand his business so he ended up adding lemonade and cookies into the mix!

He and his mom spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect cookie recipe combo. once they did he went huge! his cookies were High quality, all natural, and organic!

Since then he has had a lot of publicity and has actually been able to get into many leading brands, including Bloomingdales and wholefoods!


What sticks out the most Is that this all started because a Kid had a simple problem of not wanting to take a bus to school anymore and wanted a car. Because of that it shot off and became a huge business for him!

Build a House in less than 24 hours?

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Nikita is a young Entrepreneur who plans on revolutionizing the house construction market. He calls His Company Apis Cor. He uses a large 3D printer to build houses in such a short amount of time. Nikita is already to make his product go to the mass market, infact he already has 7000 Inquiries lined up!

What amazed me the most about this product is how cheap it really was to build a house. The first house the machine has built amounted to a total cost of 10.82! Yes 10 dollars and 82 cents, which such cheap costs he will be able to help the housing problem he wants to fix so badly!


Are you Kidding me?!

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Are you Kidding me is a company started by two brothers who are 7! (Yes you can count their on your hands and still have 3 fingers left over!) Their company is making socks they teamed up with  American Cancer Society and Live Like Bella Foundation to raise money Cancer awareness. they started working with another group as well call Discovery arts, they donated 25% their proceeds from “eye see you” socks and raised 3,000 dollars for them!

These Young entrepreneurs started out by his mom saying that he should design his own socks and ended up really like them and selling them!

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LikeLikeVR has a service where you can watch sports in a virtual room with your friends using a VR headset, Or you can use the app and get a dimmed down version of it. When you are in the room you can look around seeing a lounge area; in front of you is a screen where the game is being played and behind you is a game room with a bar. On the screen you are able to access multiple camera angles and position enabling you to get the perfect view of the game!

Another immersive feature they have is the 3D voice chat system. This Means that the level of volume depends on where you ate looking, so if you were looking at the person next to you it would be louder if you were looking away.

Currently they are just starting this out with the Soccer Gold Cup, but they are looking to push it through to more sports as soon as they can!

The innovation makes it so that, through Facebook, you can watch a sports game with anyone in the world and “be in the same room” as they are, but instead of a physical one a virtual one!

Because of how I works you will be able to get live game footage as if you were actually at the game and from many different locations, one of them being right behind the goal!

You can check the links about above to see the article and a video example of the Product!