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Gerard Adams

One of the staples of millennial entrepreneurial thinking, Gerard Adams, exemplifies all the thoughts and principles that entrepreneurs should try to replicate.

Image result for gerard adamsAdams is a career entrepreneur, expert on branding, philanthropist, and critically acclaimed speaker and executive.

He is most famous for helping found the Elite Daily, known as the voice of Generation Y.

He sold this to Daily Mail for 50 million dollars. He is one of the most frequent contributes to Entrepreneur Magazine.

By seeing opportunities and jumping on them, Adams has made a name for himself and plenty of money to go along with it.


His ideas contribute to so many businesses and his website proves that. His mindset truly encapsulates what true entrepreneurship means. Even he said that he can still learn more about the world.

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Peter Cashmore

Image result for peter cashmorePeter Cashmore entered the world of innovation by creating his hit website Mashable, a popular blog about technology and innovation.

Due to this website, Peter became one of Time’s top 100 influential people. Starting in Scotland, he grew into an incredibly successful business man from nothing, similar to many of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time.

With hardly any readers at the beginning, his blog grew exponentially until it had more than 23 million regular readers. His website inspired thousands of other bloggers to create something great.

He saw an opportunity for a new blog and went for it, studying the culture to fill a need. This is incredibly representative of true entrepreneurial thinking.Image result for mashable

Michelle Phan

An American-Vietnamese entrepreneur, Michelle Phan, showed her innovation by becoming an incredibly well known make-up demonstrator and make-up designer, crafting her business in a parallel to Bob Ross’s. 

By making a unique way of demonstrating something in a soothing way, she gained popularity very quickly. Her drive is evident in how she went from a YouTube video maker to a speaker, author, and inventor.

She inspires me to turn my passions into realities and make them grow into business opportunities. Her success in a field that was perceived dead showed that you can create innovation out of anything.

Her blog, YouTube channel, and books gained traction and grew at a large rate. Her entrepreneurial mind is evident through her creativity and excellent talents.Image result for michelle phan youtube

Adam D’Angelo

The famous entrepreneur, Adam D’Angelo, rose to fame by leaving Facebook as the chief technology office and starting Quora, an online knowledge market based in California.

This question and answer based website is edited and organized by the user community that has grown strong. Image result for adam d'angelo

This website helped millions of people by sticking to its slogan, “The best answer to any question.”

He is driven by helping the world become more knowledgeable and has definitely succeeded.

By following through on an idea never done truly well before, he exhibits his entrepreneurial thinking very well.

He innovated by coming up with new ideas for his website. Successfully starting a multi million dollar business from nothing is definitely a principle I have learned from.

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He is truly exemplary in every sense of the word.

Evan Williams- Twitter CEO

Essentially, Evan Williams’ contribution to the world of entrepreneurs is how he basically turned the social network history as we know it.Image result for twitter logo

His drive was to revolutionize the business of Twitter and turn it into something new.  After assisting in the decision for the Library of Congress to digitally archive all tweets ever sent out, Williams realized the potential business potential here.

He announced a “Points of Interest” feature that allows user to check in to their Twitter accounts to see what they want to see, making Twitter have the user-friendly interface it has today. This led to Twitter growing over 1,500% in 3 years.

300,000 new users are registered a day. Even though Williams has not tapped into the market of geo-locating like its competitors, Williams made the decision to allow for the monetization of Twitter.

With “Promoted Tweets” by interested companies, Twitter grew to the social media super power it is today.Image result for evan williams twitter

Pamela S. Stevens

Pamela S. Stevens entered the entrepreneurial world by working with the company Purch as one of their first writers for their new segments “Top Ten Reviews” in 2005.Image result for pamela s. stevens

She has been working in innovation in for the past 20 years with five different small businesses. She helped boost and promote these companies.

Since working at Purch, she became the writer and content developer for all their Business to Business properties.

This includes IT businesses and other smaller businesses. Now, Pamela Image result for purchlives in Utah writing as her career.

In college, she studied Creative Writing and Geography, showing that truly anyone can have an entrepreneurial mind.

Her business motto is “If I ever lose money, I quit.” She has stuck to that her whole business career.