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brooklyn cruisers


Growing up as a kid every had a bike. We have memories of racing down the street going to fast and falling off, or just riding to a friends house. Needless to say we loved our bikes, but what ever happened to them when we got older? i mean not all of us are superstar bike racers in the tour de France or adrenaline junkies riding down mountains. so where is the bike for the classic city dweller? Ryan Zagata came up with the solution and created the Brooklyn bike company. He got his idea while visiting Vietnam. Ryan explains how he would see Vietnamese men and women riding bikes and carrying massive stacks of hay on the back. this gave him his idea for a cruiser bike that’s not meant for speed or rocky terrain but instead for casual strolls down the street on a sunny day. People can even design their own bikes at his shop.

Ryans company pulled in a whopping 1 million dollars in sales last year and are projected to increase that these coming years. There’s a whole target market of people who don’t want to be extreme bikers but love to feel the breeze on a nice sunny day. Ryan has hit this market and is proving very successful. along with the bikes being very leisurely they also are catching the eye of the art industry with there sleek look and old fashion design. Many sales the company has received have been from art galleries and private designers who want to use the bikes as eye candy for viewers. Either way The Brooklyn bike company has proved to be one of the more successful start up companies this year.



The day and age of losing your keys, phone or even your pet are over! Introducing Bikn, the new gps tracker for your phone! Bikn was created by John W Howard. His goal was to create a new and improved tracking system that operates better than any of its kind. He proudly advertises the device works even when your phone is dead. Bikn is a phone case with a separate battery that can tag up to 8 objects with simple keychain looking tags. Simply clip a tag on anything you don’t want to lose and Bikn will show where it is on your phone screen. What separates Bikn from other tracking devices is its ability to reverse track the phone itself. If your phone were to die and you forgot where you put it, simply grab one of your tags and hit the panic button and wait to hear the phone case beeping for you to come get it. because of the separate battery on the case it doesn’t matter if your phone is off, on ,or even dead.

Another unique feature on this device is its leash setting, the main purpose of this John explains is to prevent people from losing the object in the first place, the way it works is you tag an object and if you walk a certain distance from it, it will let of a noise to remind you to come and grab it again. I know this invention will be incredibly helpful to my grandma and she can expect to find it under her Christmas tree this winter.

The Bearded Bastard

beard2Fashion trends come and go, some good some bad. In this day and age man buns and full beards are in and short clean cut is out. With this new style trend comes a new market in hair care, introducing The bearded Bastard company. Founder Jerimiah newton  started his company after many years of people asking how he kept his infamous handle bar mustache so neat and clean. his secrete was his own homemade wax. People liked it so much Jerimiah started the Bearded Bastard company. with many products such as beard/mustache wax that holds better than any product in the market and made of all natural ingredients in Austin Texas.

This is the first I have ever heard of an all purpose beard company specifically for men. This will definitely help Jerimiah’s business because he is the first in the industry. He has already been featured on forbes magazine as one of the top 50 entrepreneurs of the year and is expected to increase in sales for the coming year. The only question is though how will this business survive as fashion trends come and go quickly? Maybe they adapt and venture out into other health care products for men. Either way as long as your a man who loves his beard this company is for you!

More Bacon Please

baconThe food truck industry has been growing rapidly and becoming more and more popular with young adults. its a cheap bite to eat with some pretty good food, plus its a fun experience. With this new industry booming its becoming more and more competitive to enter especially with ideas like a taco, grilled cheese, and BBQ trucks everywhere. So what other food has yet to be claimed by the entrepreneurs? Bacon! yes any kind of bacon, from bacon on a stick to bacon mozzarella sticks and even chocolate covered bacon!

Jim Angulas is the founder of the food truck “Bacon Bacon”. He started the business with himself as the chef and a truck he bought off craigslist, now it reigns as san Francisco’s #1 food truck with more than 33 trucks, a trailer at the fish dock and a store building of its own. “people like Bacon….So i gave them Bacon” Jim Angulas tells reporters. Its definitely a new and successful idea in the growing food truck industry and will be interesting to see how other competitors will respond to this food truck giant.

Bright Spark

jakeHow many people does it take to change an Ariel led light bulb? None, and that’s exactly what creator Jake Dyson wanted when he created his one of a kind led light. After 4 years of financing the project, Jake has finally come out with his invention. He says “LEDs can last a life time so why not build them that way?”.  By creating a state of the art cooling valve, jake has increased the average led light life from 7 years to 40! The way it works he explains, is that unlike usual LEDs where the lights continue to burn hot as long as they are turned on, his LEDs have a cooling valve that continuously cools the bulb allowing it to burn brighter and longer than other lights.

The target market Jake says he wants to go after would be places you wouldn’t want to have to change a light bulb every 6 months. this can include anything from mass office buildings with high ceilings or airports. Jake also designed a prototype bulb for in home use. he has two designes, one that can hang down from the ceiling for a specific spot light or an illumination bulb that can light up a whole room. this new innovation will definitely help start a new market for interior lighting.

new type of hip hop

lil dicky

The hip hop industry is constantly changing, new styles and artist are always popping up creating a very competitive and hard market to try and get into. One guy though has found a new market of hip hop that has yet to be saturated. David Burd commonly known as “lil Dicky” has proven successful in his endevors of creating a new type of “fun” hip hop.

Instead of preaching about the commonly written topics of drugs and violence, david has set his career in the music industry by raping about funny ideals such as his jewish heritage and politics. Backed by music with great beats lil Dicky has become increasingly more popular with the youth across America.

Burd grew up in an upper middle class Jewish family in the Elkins Park neighborhood of Cheltenham Township, a township on the north border of Philadelphia.[1] He attended Cheltenham High School and then the University of Richmond.[2] He then relocated to San Francisco, California,[3] where he worked in account management at the advertising agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. After reimagining his monthly progress report as a rap video, the company brought him to work in their creative department, where he wrote copy for ads like the NBA‘s “BIG” campaign.

Because of his life growing up, Burds style is a reflection of comical lyrics that can easily put a smile and laugh in anypersons day. Burd started off of youtube with his first video getting over 1 million views. since then he has grown and become very successful and recognized across the country. He released his first album on july 31st 2015 and while being backed by his followers on youtube he has started his goal of changing the hiphop industry. Because of his knowledge in marketing and Advertising, Dave realized a new market that no one had entered yet. Since he is the first in comical hiphop he is blazing a new way into the industry and being very successful at it too. I would not be surprised to see more new copies by other rising artist of this style. It will be fun and unique to watch how this specific industry of hip hop continues to grow and change throughout the years.