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      Instacart exploits the massive online shopping market and mixes it with grocery shopping. However, it has a twist. All the groceries come from local farmers, unlike larger companies that ship groceries from hundreds of miles away. It was founded in 2012 by Apoorva Mehta, Max Mullen, Brandon Leonardo on the premise of local groceries delivered within the hour. This idea showed to be relatively popular as since 2012, Instacart has grown to be valued at around $200 billion. Apoorva Mehta has taken the seat of CEO and continues to take steps for growth and expansion. The company has 400 employees as of now, as the labor is sourced to the farmers and workers wherever the groceries are ordered. Recently, however, this has caused a modicum of controversy as some workers went on strike after receiving compensations of around $1 rather than the promised $14. However, Instacart says this has had no effect on output.

Mehta worked at Amazon for a period before quitting out of boredom. He an estimate of 20 companies prior to Instacart and learned from his mistakes citing a lack of care about the product as the reason.


Lemonlight is a company that provides profession video production equipment and software to small companies that want to create professional-grade informational videos. Due to the fact that this type of business model targets small business, of which there are many, Lemonlight picked up rather quickly. Founded in 2014, the company has produced 3,854 videos for various other companies to date. Lemonlight is based in Silicon Valley, the hub of modern, upcoming businesses. Because of this, they can provide their services directly to their peers.

Hope Horner, the founder, writes consistently for Entrepreneur magazine to share her experiences starting the business and all the information and wisdom she’s gathered by working with other small business.


John Lemp, an entrepreneur, moved from his last venture to begin a new company, RevContent. He observed that there was a lack of native advertising online for people and with the available data, he simply made the connection. Starting with no funding and not even attempting to raise funds, Lemp was able to build a $200,000,000 profit within the first two years. Although, RevContent has come under fire for allowing ads that promote false news to utilize their service. Despite this, RevContent has retained a steady income and profitability. Because the company provides ads specifically to the media and publishing industry, it rode the boosted wave of profitability as the online media market expanded.

While he has not continued the process of entrepreneurship, he has good reason to. The media and advertising industries have continued their expansion, and John Lemp seems to have a knack for accurately predicting the trends.

Roli Seaboard

The Roli Seaboard Rise is a revolutionary MIDI keyboard that allows artists the long-sought ability to play inaccessible notes on a normal keyboard piano, bend the pitch with simple pressure, and play vibrato. Prior to this device, many musicians would need to either play live instruments to achieve the affect or simulate it using software in production. Roland Lamb, an American entrepreneur in Britain, launched the company in 2009 and it quickly caught on. He considered the alternatives to existing MIDI keyboards and found their differences small and their abilities compartmentalized. He decided to mix many of the features that previously existed as separate twist knobs on prior devices into the 5D range of the Roli Seaboard Rise. Due to the originality of the device it gave the Roli company a perception as an innovative, creative brand. They have lived up to this perception, releasing inventive new accessory after inventive new accessory to their existing model

Save the Storks

Joe and Ann Baker founded Save the Storks in 2011 after living out of a gutted Mercedes van for years. Joe and Ann Baker realized the emotional power of expecting mothers seeing the ultrasounds of their unborn children but because most abortion clinics don’t offer ultrasounds, this provided a gap in the market. They decided to start a company that provided a simple service: giving expectant mothers considering an abortion a free ultrasound. They gathered together investors and employees and began a well-planned movement.

In a slightly poetic manner, they bought the same vans that they lived out of for years and refurbished them with an ultrasound machine and leather couches. They drove these vans to abortion clinics and parked outside. They then invite any expecting mother they see entering or exiting the clinic to come in an see the baby’s ultrasound. Because the vans are clean, sanitary, and professional-looking Save the Storks has a large number of mothers take them up on the offer. According to their website, for every 4 women that see their baby, 3 decide to keep it.

This company is expanding rapidly. To date, they have 50 vans parked at abortion clinics around the nation.

BURN Stoves

        Peter Scott noticed an issue back in 2010. During his trip around the sub-Sahara Desert area in Africa, he observed that often in the thousands of remote villages, in order for the women to be able to cook food for their families they would need to walk miles to find suitable wood. When they burned this wood back in the villages, the smoke would often get into the lungs of the children and women around. Scott found a need and created BURN Stoves, cooking stoves that required 50% less wood to produce the needed amount of heat for cooking. In doing so, they were able to greatly reduce the amount of smoke released and cut the time for the women to gather the wood.

As a side note, the Scott also made the decision to sell the stoves to the African people. While this may seem money-hungry, they did it for a purpose. If the African people invested in the product, then they would take better care of it, repair it when needed, and put more stock into it lasting, thus extending the life span of it. It also stimulates the economy of these countries as the stoves themselves are made in the same countries.

Due to the fact that this stove also helps the environment, BURN Stoves have also received grants from the government as well as investments from large corporations looking to show that they are taking moves to themselves help the environment.