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Man Can

The possibility of making money off little ideas seems so unlikely, however we hear the story time and time again about how here are children out there making thousands or millions a year just off of a little idea. Maybe it is because they aren’t as scared to fail, because they don’t need the money to provide for their families. Something about these stories is surprising, and also uplifting.

Fourteen year old Hart Main had an idea when he was teasing his sister about her fundraiser and selling “girly scented candles.” He wanted to make manly scented candles. With an initial investment of 300 dollars his dream started to become a reality. Soon he has scents such as Campfire, Grandpa’s Pipe, and Sawdust. These are now in at least 60 stores and have sold over 9000 units. He made this come true with just 300 dollars.

Kids who had lemonade stands when they were young had a mission, to make money. Adults who have a job, for the most part, have a mission, to make money. Sometimes all you need is to handle is the risk. Just like Hart, he just did it.

Daniel Fine

With many entrepreneurs arising it is getting harder to differentiate. Many of them seem to be pushing the technology side of things with social media and new apps. Some however want to take a different approach. Daniel Fine is a millennial entrepreneur who was named one of the World’s Top Five Entrepreneurs, and one of TIME Magazine’s Top 25 International Leaders of Tomorrow. This man has also done amazing things in the medical realm. He has also won two volunteer-service awards from George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

His little brother was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes and this influenced him to help all who are in need who have type 1 diabetes.  This led him to create an app that is to launch soon. The app is called Dosed. This app tracks your insulin dosage, and is all done very easily. The app has a “6th Grade Proficiency.”

He also brought Glass-U to the world. This is a folding sunglasses company that is licensed to hundreds of universities and to almost every fraternity and sorority in the United States.

Daniel Fine has brought some cool and helpful stuff to this world and will continue to do so.

A New Generation of Coders

Being able to code is becoming very important. There are a lot of job opportunities, and a lot of fun to be had with coding. Adam Lipecz takes this to another level.  Since a very young age, Adam was obsessed with innovation. He would create and design things that he showed around the world, but perhaps his best invention happened when he was teaching Mechatronics at a university.

Adam had come up with an idea for a toy for children that involved play, and coding. The idea was to take a robot toy and make it move by an app. In this app to make it move you are coding. This teaches children valuable problem solving skills and also coding lessons, all while having fun.

Since this has been created it will be surprising to see how Adam has impacted many of today’s children.

Clef: Brennen Byrne

While in going to college for English, Brennen Byrne took a computer science class just for fun, he didn’t realize how much that impacted his future. The first day of class his professor told him that he could create whole entire worlds, businesses, and products just by writing them down. This sparked Byrne’s interest. Later in college he and his freeing came up with an idea to use your phone as a way to identify you. This tuned into what is now called Clef.

Being as our world is so involved in technology, it must be guarded safely in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing. The people at Clef are doing just that. Clef is a two-factor authentication that is safer and easier to use then other password or authentication tools. Clef is based in Oakland, California. They are a very small business with few workers; however they are making a lot of people’s lives easier.

Their system is a two-factor authentication which means unlike a regular password there are two steps to get to your information, making it more secure. You just use your phone to swipe in front of the computer screen. Clef also differentiates itself because of its use of Apple Touch ID. The usability of this eliminates the need for having a lot of different passwords crowding your mind. According to Clef’s research their tool will make customers 45% more likely to return.

A Small Network Still Works

When researching millennial entrepreneurs there seems to be a connection between all of them. They did not begin a certain business, or create a product to gain revenue from it, but rather they had an idea, and put that idea to work. Consequently it usually ends up that their idea makes them money. But it is just the fact of providing a good or service that seems to drive these people.

Eric Koger and his wife Susan Gregg Koger were two young adults attending Carnegie Mellon University together. They both had a want to create a better way to get vintage and vintage style clothing. They figured that the best way they could accomplish this was through a website. So in 2002 launched the website Mod Cloth. This website went into full time operation by 2006.

While this idea seems menial to many of us today, due to the vast amount of web sites we can access at the touch of a button, In 2006 this was innovative for the service it was providing. Since there take off in 20006 they have moved from the Strip-District in Pittsburgh to San Francisco, where they are based.

A move in location was not the only thing that happened however. A move in the direction of online selling had also been created due to these two college students.

These two young entrepreneurs show me that innovation is a result of a network greater than yourself. Who knows, if Eric Koger didn’t meet Susan, the internet shopping experience may be a little different today.

Wataru Kato: Liberty Walk Performance

Ever since the first car was created, someone was trying to make it look better and perform better. This has become a past time for many people with cars of their own. Some people even make a career or business based upon the customizing of cars; however it is seemed to be an old man’s game nowadays.

At the age of 26 Wataru Kato opened up a small car dealership in Japan. The dealership could only hold a maximum of 3 cars, but Kato didn’t let this stop him from completely changing the game. Kato branded himself almost immediately as, Liberty Walk.

Liberty Walk is a company that was inspired by Nissan Works, which came about in the 70’s. Nissan Works was dedicated to making little Nissan cars perform better by lowering them and equipping them with wider wheels and body kits to help the cars perform at a higher level. Wataru Kato decided to take this idea to a whole new level.Using mainly high end cars and products Liberty Walk became an instant sensation. This idea was noticed by a very important company named SEMA. SEMA is an acronym for Specialty Equipment Marketing Association. They were invited to come to SEMA and display their aggressive designs.

Liberty Walk performance was noticed immediately. They offer services from suspension and exhaust, to body work and design. Their lowered cars with aggressive styling fender flares and wide custom wheels became famous for a reason. This is because Kato had an idea that was completely different from anything at the time. He kept innovating and expanding, and now the Liberty Walk shop is larger than 6 times what it was before, and can display at least 20 cars.

Wataru Kato has inspired me personally because the story shows me that if you have a different idea, and a will to put the idea into action you can succeed. This as well as the fact that the cars that Liberty Walk produces are phenomenal. Wataru Kato has innovated and changed the game completely in a business that used to be considered and old man’s game.