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How To Cake It: A Sweet Business Idea

1430491ed0ba289134cb2033b20500e1As a communications major, I have been wondering if there are millennials out there who have used entertainment routes to start their business. YouTube, though known for popular cat videos, has created an outlet for entrepreneurs to express their niche in the community and get a following. Through ads and merchandise, many of these youtubers have been able to make a living off a once purely entertainment field. A rising youtuber, by the name of Yolanda Gampp, (probably known by her business as “How To Cake It”) has been growing in popularity within the past year. Yolanda, a self-taught baker after her father, has been posting YouTube videos about how to make really cool cake designs…and when I say really cool…I mean realistic to the point that it’s crazy to think it’s cake! I happen to follow her on YouTube and have enjoyed watching every video her team has posted over the past year. Yolanda also customizes her own tee-shirts (a different tee-shirt for every cake she makes) along with other merchandise that can be sold at Yolanda and her team work to produce high quality weekly videos, and just recently How To Cake It won a Webby Award for Best Online Film and Video How-to &

As a mere 32 year old from Canada, Yolanda has created a business that many have grasped on to (Over 2 million subscribers to How To Cake It, and those numbers continue to grow). My hope for Yolanda and her team is to watch them grow in success, and I wait in anticipation to see what other amazing ideas they put forward into the world. Yolanda is a big inspiration to me. As a communications major, YouTube is an amazing outlet to start a career… but me just as a person, I look and I see Yolanda succeeding at her line of work, because she found something she loved. Her business is great because it combines that aesthetic appeal people crave, and also a unique skill that only she has perfected. She is innovative in her techniques for creating different cake pieces, and her skill is what has captured many people’s intrigue. A degree does not define her, but instead an entertaining and respectable mindset. That is what makes her a millennial entrepreneur. Anyone can make a cake. I can make a cake! But few can turn a cake into a watermelon with such great detail and creativity. Her personality is also fantastic, which leaves me as the viewer, always hungry for more. Check out the link and let me know what you guys think!



Whilst looking for a way to be able to brainstorm on the walls of his dorm, John Goscha stumbled upon the concept for IdeaPaint, a product that turns any surface into a dry erase board. Through the help of several partners and friends and over the span of four years, IdeaPaint came into commercial existence and revolutionized the process of innovation.

IdeaPaint sells dry erase paint in both clear and white colors, as well as their product PULL, which is a magnetic wall covering that combines with the dry erase paint. The truly unique thing about the paint is it allows you to turn anything into a dry erase board; we’re talking table, doors, and even a camper!

Customers from all over are having IdeaPaint products infused into their offices, businesses, and even their homes. Wayfair, an online home furnishing company, has featured this innovative creation in some of their design creations. TED even had an IdeaPaint coated wall at their 2015 Vancouver Convention Center. It was a prominent place for the TEDsters to collaborate, reflect, and add to artist Cascio’s designs.

IdeaPaint calls their product “the ultimate idea tool” and they hope that they can be a part of their customer’s best ideas. Their innovations are centered around the idea of helping others be innovative, and that’s pretty neat.

JOYN – fashioning better lives

kba_india_selects__058_large1spinning_large1After attending John Brown University, a private conservative Christian college, the newly-wed Melody Murray set out with her husband to work in an African orphanage. Melody and Dave could feel God burdening their hearts to reach out and help those in poverty. Over the next decade, they dreamed of themselves working with struggling artisans. In 2010, they moved to Rajpur, India, and JOYN was birthed.

JOYN is a socially-conscious handbag company that takes pride in their artistic 100% handcrafted products. At JOYN, people are valued and art is a process.

JOYN takes local artistic entrepreneurs and teaches them the proper technique of block-printing, block-carving,  weaving, spinning, and sewing. One by one, individuals are being empowered by their artistic talents and trade to rise above poverty. They work in a nurturing community that is propelled by a vision to share the joy of Christ’s love.

Every bag goes through a 12 step process. There is no electricity or machines used in the creation of a handbag. Melody refers to this as “a model of purposeful inefficiency.” Each step that goes into the production process means another life changed and more jobs created.

Currently, JOYN has expanded to several cities across India. Melody’s vision of creating jobs and spreading hope and joy is coming to fruition.   Read More →


IdeaPaintLogo_4cIdeaPaint is a dry erase paint company that was founded in 2002 by John Goscha as a freshman at Babson College in Massachusetts. According Goscha and its other founders Andrew Foley and William Gioielli, IdeaPaint’s purpose is to inspire and encourage everyone in their creative potential through their primary product which can transform almost any smooth surface into an erasable canvas, giving people the space they need to fully explore their ideas.


Back in their dorms at Babson College, these entrepreneurs would hang large sheets of paper on their walls to have a better space to think through their ideas. However, they would constantly have to tear it down and put more up every time they ran out of room and they thought, Surely there must be a better way. The team searched for this product but, to their surprise, they found nothing. So they set off on a six year journey to make this product commercially viable. Now they are widely successful and have been recognized by Mashable and Forbes. Goscha says “I look forward to the company bringing great products to market that inspire creativity and innovation in all of our customers for many years to come.”

JackGap: Shed Session

photoTwin brothers Jack and Finn Harries have had a relatively distinct presence on Youtubefor several years now. With over 4 million subscribers on their channel titled JacksGap since 2011, it is no wonder that have some level of influence on the Youtube community. However, their normal content is not what I want to talk about. It’s a branch of their channel that they recently formed that has caught my attention. Shed Sessions is a strand of content where they showcase musicians playing acoustic music in their neighbor’s shed. Both loving quality music, Jack and Finn, are striving to expose start-up and small town musicians to a wider audience to benefit both the artists and listeners by giving them new content to listen to. While announcing the new project on their blog, Jack said,

“Music is something that I have always felt passionate about, in particular acoustic music. So it only felt natural to me to share it on our channel… There is something really exciting about being able to share music in such a raw and intimate setting. It is important to us to record Shed Sessions in one shot, with one angle. We want to capture the song in its rawest form.”

JacksGap has featured artists such as JP Cooper, Jeremy Loops, and We Were Evergreen. I myself have enjoyed listening to new artists and experiencing their music in such a natural setting. Jack and Finn recognized that no one with a significant Youtube following was promoting growing, talented musicians and so they took initiative. JacksGap has experienced significant success with Shed Sessions with views per video averaging around 1 million. The JacksGap channel continues to grow and explore new possibilities and it will be exciting to see which new avenues they will take over the next few years.



16-Year Old Millionaire Necklace Maker


Maddie Bradshaw is popular on the blog tonight.  Like Grace, I researched Bradshaw for this post. I want to talk about her success from a slightly different angle, though.  As you might have read from Grace’s awesome post, Maddie Bradshaw is a 16-year-old millionaire.  She designs and sells Snap Caps, creative bottle caps that can be worn as jewelry. She has 25 employees and sells over 60,000 necklaces each month.

I found her story particularly interesting because she isn’t selling something that solves a huge, mind-boggling problem.  In fact, she’s similar to Apple in that she’s giving people something they didn’t even know they wanted.

So, why are people buying from her?  Anyone can make a simple necklace, and many companies do. What sets Bradshaw apart?  She presents Snap Caps as the necklace that celebrates and brings out a girl’s unique qualities.  Each necklace has a theme, whether fairytale or music or ladybugs or faith.  Girls choose the ones they think fit their personality. Just like Zappos, she’s putting a bigger “why” behind a product most people don’t usually think much about.

Her approach fits right into the “conceptual age” idea we were talking about in class.  To have a place in the market, products need to be more than just functional.  They need to stand for something.  Snap Caps stand for uniqueness.

Bradshaw’s success shines far beyond her net worth.  She has appeared on multiple TV Shows, like The View and Shark Tank, and has even published her own book, You Can Start a Business, Too. Her biggest piece of advice to young entrepreneurs is to follow your passion.  She says, “If you come up with an idea and you love it, chances are other people will, too.” I think people forget this a lot.  They don’t work towards something they love because they’re scared it won’t interest others. That has certainly been true for me and many people I know.  Bradshaw is a wonderful reminder that you can create a business around any passion.  She took the risk most people wouldn’t have and it’s paying off for her in amazing ways.

(Image: The Toggery)

Angelo Sotira – DeviantArt


Back in the early days of the internet, a young business man named Angelo Sotira started one of the first social media sites that allowed artists to come together to upload and present people’s art. That site is DeviantArt.

Angelo Sotira is an American entrepreneur most well known for the creation of DeviantArt, but he was doing some big things even before that. At the age of 15 he created a music file sharing site called Dimension Music. Dimension Music was bought by Michael Ovits, the previous president of the Walt Disney Company. After Sotira had sold Dimension Music, at the age of 19 Sotira went on to create DeviantArt with Matthew Stephens and Scott Jarkoff. The three of them created DevientArt for people to share their photography, digital art, traditional art, literature, and filmmaking with a community of other artists.


 DeviantArt is the 13th largest social network with over 28 million members who have posted over 265 million images. The site is sent around 140,000 submissions a day! To this day DeviantArt is still the largest internet art platform.

Through DeviantArt, Angelo Sotira has made over 75 million dollars. The website continues to thrive as more and more artists want to express themselves and get feedback from other artists. Sotira reached out to a market that had not yet been given attention on the internet, and it proved to be a worthy market to enter.

deviantart images

Khoa Phan: 6 Seconds of Fame


Khoa Phan is an artist who started using the app “Vine” in 2013. At the age of 23 he started using the app to market his own skills and sell himself to marketing companies and advertising agencies.

Vine is a video making/social media app that allows people to take and upload 6 second videos to their accounts. Vine videos can be sent through sites like Facebook and twitter.  Much like youtube, Vine has made a few people a lot of money. Many people have been found through Vine and some have been hired to be in movies and commercials. Khoa became an internet sensation with his stop-motion videos, a series of many extremely short clips or pictures put together to create one video. Using his artistic abilities, Khoa made a name for himself in the Vine community. Many big name companies approached Khoa for artistic ability and his internet fame to create commercials and ideas for how their companies could use vine to sell their products.

Khoa was named Mashable’s “Vine’s most creative stop-motion video maker” and named Forbes’ 30 under 30 for marketing and advertising.

Khoa has worked with big name companies like Snapple, Coke, MTV, UNICEF, HBO and even Peanuts to create stop-motion videos of Charlie Brown and Snoopy the Dog. This freelance Vine editor has made a name for himself, not just in the online community, but also in the big time marketing community. It will be interesting to see where he takes his stop-motion art and creative advertising next.

Here is a link to one of his videos:


Daniel Knudsen – Filmmaker

A discussion of innovation need not be limited to devices or services. Innovation is the driving force behind any human pursuit, whether it be industry or art form.

Making a Career out of Film

A particular young man who is a big part of bringing exciting and well-needed change to the film industry is Daniel Knudsen. This young man grew up in a neighborhood just outside of Detroit, MI.  At age 17, he started working on film crews, and his passion for filmmaking was born. As Daniel studied the camera and lighting skills he would need in this industry, he began to realize that he wanted to be a producer/director.

This dream was fulfilled when Daniel produced his first major film: Creed of Gold, a thriller that was released in 2014. A link to the trailer is below:

He took this movie to several film festivals, even premiering it in Milan, Italy, where it won an award.

The Company

Daniel Knudsen’s company, Crystal Creek Media, is dedicated toward producing movies that are positive, educational, and Christian in theme and voice. He has gone to great efforts to build a company from the ground, displaying remarkable drive and perseverance in a difficult industry. He has spoken at several Christian film events, spreading the message that audiences can be reached by Christian groups with powerful storytelling and good cinematography.


I took a class from Daniel Knudsen in High School, and he inspired me to study and experiment with this fascinating medium of communication.

Isabella Rose Taylor

Shopping at Nordstrom’s, a fashion line designed by a 13-year-old is not something you would expect to see, yet there it is, Isabella Rose Taylor.  In 2010 Isabella Rose Taylor the designer of the clothing line bearing her name became inspired to learn to sew and try fashion design.  As her love for fashion has grown she has released several collections in her clothing line beginning in fall of 2013. 

In addition to fashion, Isabella has a love of painting.  While I personally do not care for her style of art, I can definitely appreciate her talent as some of her paintings are quite impressive, especially considering she is only 13 years old.

She has won several awards for her work in art, fashion, and poetry and has been featured in magazines and television including the Today show.

Using social media Isabella has been able to get the word out about her clothing line.  She keeps Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts believing that social media is important tool for the entrepreneur.

Isabella demonstrates right brained thinking with her different creative interests.  This right brained thinking will be quite helpful as her entrepreneurial spirit grows as she expands her work, continuing on in her successful fashion design career.