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Leanna Archer

Starting at 9 years old, now 17 and serving as a CEO of a company that has been recognized by Forbes and Success Magazine, Leanna Archer is one successful entrepreneur! At just 9 years old she started her own business by bottling and selling hair pomade from her great-grandmothers secret recipes. Originally only selling to close friends and family now has a wide variety of customers. Besides her hair pomade business she also started Leanna Archer Education Foundation that’s mission is to help build schools and safe learning environments for underprivileged children in Haiti. leanna-archer

16-Year Old Millionaire Necklace Maker


Maddie Bradshaw is popular on the blog tonight.  Like Grace, I researched Bradshaw for this post. I want to talk about her success from a slightly different angle, though.  As you might have read from Grace’s awesome post, Maddie Bradshaw is a 16-year-old millionaire.  She designs and sells Snap Caps, creative bottle caps that can be worn as jewelry. She has 25 employees and sells over 60,000 necklaces each month.

I found her story particularly interesting because she isn’t selling something that solves a huge, mind-boggling problem.  In fact, she’s similar to Apple in that she’s giving people something they didn’t even know they wanted.

So, why are people buying from her?  Anyone can make a simple necklace, and many companies do. What sets Bradshaw apart?  She presents Snap Caps as the necklace that celebrates and brings out a girl’s unique qualities.  Each necklace has a theme, whether fairytale or music or ladybugs or faith.  Girls choose the ones they think fit their personality. Just like Zappos, she’s putting a bigger “why” behind a product most people don’t usually think much about.

Her approach fits right into the “conceptual age” idea we were talking about in class.  To have a place in the market, products need to be more than just functional.  They need to stand for something.  Snap Caps stand for uniqueness.

Bradshaw’s success shines far beyond her net worth.  She has appeared on multiple TV Shows, like The View and Shark Tank, and has even published her own book, You Can Start a Business, Too. Her biggest piece of advice to young entrepreneurs is to follow your passion.  She says, “If you come up with an idea and you love it, chances are other people will, too.” I think people forget this a lot.  They don’t work towards something they love because they’re scared it won’t interest others. That has certainly been true for me and many people I know.  Bradshaw is a wonderful reminder that you can create a business around any passion.  She took the risk most people wouldn’t have and it’s paying off for her in amazing ways.

(Image: The Toggery)

Makeup Madness

Rejected by Lancome as a makeup artist, Phan started a hobby she loved- filming makeup tutorials out of the comfort of her own home. After two years of YouTubing, Lancome’s executive noticed her artistry and signed her as the company’s first official video makeup artist. Since then, Phan has increased company annual sales rate by $120 million.

Now, Phan has made her mark on the digital world. Wanting to expand her horizons, Phan created Ipsy in San Mateo, California. Ipsy partners with a multitude of different makeup brands to deliver trendy bags to subscribers every month for a $10 fee. These Glam Bags are themed to the specific month for the perfect facial style every girl may need. With 1.7 million YouTube subscribers, 1 million watchers are loyal members to the Glam Bag fashion in locations including both the United States and Canada.

Ipsy employs over 100 people and is a rival to the fashionable Birchbox. BirchBox spends millions in PR, TV advertisements, and online outreach while Phan increases subscriptions by 100,000 per month on her videos alone. No marketing techniques, not a dime spent on PR.

She is not stopping there. Phan is in progress of developing her own app with photo and video editing software to fulfill one of her career aspirations- educating young followers with tech proficiencies and other skills to make them marketable to employers. Striving to change the world, Phan has travelled with Michelle Obama to Japan as part of The White House’s “Let Girls Learn Initiative”, and wrote her own novel, Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success — Online and Off . This young dreamer is no longer looking to make an impact with just face products, she is working to be an influential role model to every single one of her subscribers.

“My dream is to see a new generation of entrepreneurs who are creating and having more meaningful jobs than the day-to-day grind.”

Phan YouTube Tutorial

Dream Closet?

Now ladies, how many times have you seen a dress watching the VMA’s, Red Carpet Awards, Counrty Music Awards, or any other awards show that you wish you could just wear it for one night?  Are you jealous of the guys being able to rent their tuxes for one night and returning it the next day while you have to buy a dress that you probably won’t even wear again?  Would you love the idea of getting expensive dresses for cheap by only renting them for a night?  Well Jennifer Hyman was thinking the exact same thing and thought of a way to fix that.  She created Rent the Runway.  On the website it says:

“Rent the Runway is a fashion company with a technology soul. Powered by a transformative business model, proprietary technology, a unique reverse-logistics operation and some of the smartest people on earth, we’re in a position to challenge old systems and rewrite new rules. By giving people access to remarkable luxury experiences, we’re changing the meaning of ownership — and revolutionizing retail in the process.”

Hyman compares her business to one of your best friends, only with a much bigger closet.  I don’t know about you but I always love borrowing my friends clothes.  Once you get online the overall all process is really simple.  You can start by setting up the date for which you need the dress, accessories if you would like too, then look through their collection for your rental day.  Next narrow it down by designer, price, length, or whatever you like to find the perfect outfit.  After that you book the outfit for a 4 or 8 day rental period and it should come in 1 or 2 days before your event.  For that one night you can feel like a princess and return it the next day in their pre-paid envelope they already provided you with.  You don’t even have to dry clean it or anything because they will take care of that for you.  The only thing Rent the Runway asks you to do is to upload a photo online and review the dress on their website so others can see how fabulous the dress was.

When Hyman first suggested her idea of Rent the Runway to a boardroom full of partners at a big-time Boston venture capital firm, one of the of the men interrupted her and said, “You are just too cute. You get this big closet and get to play with all these dresses and can wear whatever you want. This must be so much fun!”  Thinking that comment would stop her from making Rent the Runway, this only made her want to pursue the idea even more and I’m glad she did.  Rent the Runway is such a creative and innovative idea because no one has done this before.  I have always been interested in the idea of clothing and fashion for starting my own business so it is an inspiration for myself that even though she was shut down at first, she kept going and created something amazing.  I will for sure be using Rent the Runway for different special occasions in the up coming future and suggesting it to all the girls I know.  Thanks for reading and happy blogging!

Stinky Feet Gurlz?

When I first came across the name “Stinky Feet Gurlz” I was like “Yes! Something that I can put in my track shoes for when it rains and they are smelly”.  Little did I know that this company had nothing at all to do with smelly shoes or feet at all.  Stinky Feet Gurlz is a business that was created by Asya Gonzalez at the 14 that involves apparel and accessory items.  These items are fun, simple, and cute clothes and accessories is designs based off of the 1940’s.  These clothes and accessories include t-shirts and a different variety of knitted hats.

Aside from the clothing and accessories, Gonzalez reaches out to people all over the country.  She speaks to large groups of students and teachers about following their dreams with Independent Youth; a peer-to-peer mentorship program that empowers today’s teens to become tomorrow’s business leaders.  She also is actively involved in being a teen radio host that gives teens advice and talks about almost anything.

Other than running her own business at a young age, talking to people about following their dreams, and speaking on a radio show, another thing that makes Gonzalez unique is that she donates a little bit from ever sale to her charity She Is Worth It!.  This charity is about bringing people aware of child sex slavery.  She Is Worth It’s goal is to “have an educational program in EVERY school across America exposing the dangers of trafficking, warning girls that these Pimps are calling themselves “boyfriends” and what our youth and our public MUST know to alert to the issues.”  I think this is so awesome because after recently watching that video about this topic last week, it is a true motivation to see that someone so young is supporting such a great cause.

If you think any of Asya Gonzalez items are cute, I think you should definitely invest in her products!  Not only are you supporting her growing business and getting cute items, you are supporting to the cause of raising awareness about human trafficking.  Happy Blogging!

She Skipped a Year of HS for WHAT?!

It takes real dedication to skip an entire year of High School for your passion.

But that’s exactly what Janelle Putrich, a photographer who takes the art and flair of her business to the next level, did. Leaving behind academics and classes, she spent Junior Year refining and perfecting what she was best at – a unique type of photography that captures the depth of a person’s character and the emotion behind the moments of life. This unique style has attracted quite the clientele. For now, Janelle manages her photography and portrait operations from her home near Cleveland, OH.  The creativity and desire for new and exciting things that spurred the inception of her business has allowed her to branch out into also utilizing cosmetology and design in her photos.


Her inspiration is simple: to represent the stories of life through pictures

“One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to go into the depths of the basement and look through bins of photos from parents’ lives. There was something so special and priceless about seeing what my parents did, how they how they loved.”

I met Janelle at a debate tournament in Michigan two years ago, and since have closely followed her business endeavor. Her insane amount of drive to find new and different ways to tell stories through photography has inspired me to pursue my own passion of film-making more avidly. Because anyone can use a camera, but very few people can create something so unique that people are left in awe.

The innovation in the way Janelle runs her business is that it is so focused on combining art and photography together in a way so as to communicate the very essence of a person. She uses extreme camera settings, backgrounds, costumes, and cosmetics in her portraits. (even going so far as gluing petals to her face!)



People are naturally drawn to pictures taken by a creative eye. Take a moment to observe the one to the left.

This is an upside-down shot of a pond’s reflection. But the way it was composed makes it look magical.

Magic is a good word to describe the work of Janelle Putrich. Through her persistence and creativity she has created a unique art form in an industry that makes it difficult for anyone to distinguish themselves. And through it all, she has determined to give glory to God. That, in itself, is something well-needed in the art world.


You can find more of her work at:



“When you invest in a photographer, you are not only investing in photos for yourself, but also for generations to come.  It is important when selecting a photographer that you love their style and that you trust them to capture the moments that really count – for the photos of today turn into the memories of tomorrow.”


Kevin Ma

Our conversation with the man behind Hypebeast

kevin-1.jpgStarting out as an early chronicle of sneaker culture, Hypebeast has distinctly evolved into an online magazine that lives up to the tongue-in-cheek origins of its name as a go-to influence guide. Since 2005, founder and editor-in-chief, Kevin Ma has been a sartorial force in covering streetwear. Reflecting Ma’s own growing interests, Hypebeast soon expanded into coverage of art and entertainment. Collaborating with such style giants as Adidas, Hypebeast soon gave rise to HBTV, an in-depth look at the talent behind the brands.Operating from its headquarters in Hong Kong, Hypebeast is driven by a sense of good taste uniquely its own; a distinction that has earned it the honor of being one of Time’s ’50 Best Websites’ in 2008 and a digital street cred that has led to the recent launch of its on-line store.



– This website started out as a way for people to stay up to date on new release in modern fashion and technology. since its birth it has evolved into a not only a create source for the newest releases but also a portal for purchasing. Kevin Ma revolutionized the way people view and buy high market items with his online magazine, HYPEBEAST. The success of his website and the unique way he found to create a profitable business is the reason i chose him as an millennial entrepreneur.




Ladies: have you ever had the experience of purchasing makeup only to realize later that it is the wrong shade, or doesn’t work for your skin type? This problem is compounded by the fact that makeup is very expensive and you can’t keep testing out different kinds to find one that works.

This is the problem that Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp are attempting to solve through their innovative new business, Birchbox. Birchbox sends a surprise box of cosmetics to subscribers each month, which allows subscribers to try out different products for a minimal cost. The price for this service is $20 per month, and all the products are donated by large cosmetics companies since by participating, they are gaining exposure for their brands.


Barna and Beauchamp came up with the idea for this model in an interesting collision of hunches. First, they noticed that the internet commerce industry did very well in replenishing products, but had left the cosmetic market behind, partly because cosmetics require a lot of first-time purchases. Customers are hesitant to make these first-time purchases over the internet because it is more risky to buy makeup without first testing it.

The second hunch that combined to create the business was in observing how a close friend of Barna’s – a beauty editor – would help her friends by personally choosing makeup for them based on her knowledge of the different types of cosmetics. Barna and Beauchamp saw how women appreciated this service, and they decided to combine this idea with an internet business.

The Result

For twenty dollars, customers can get a box filled with surprise products that they can test out in limited sizes. The next month, the products will be completely different. The products are chosen based on specific problems that the women identify upon registering for the service. Already, Birchbox has over 400, 000 subscribers, and they have expanded to add a men’s subscription service for different products. The company also has an online store where customers can order larger quantities of products that they enjoyed in the subscription program.

Birchbox helps men and women become exposed to a variety of brands for a much smaller fee than ordering each product would cost individually. Some believe it will revolutionize the cosmetic industry. It is certainly an interesting model.

The Accidental Millionaire: Michelle Phan

imagesMichelle Phan has always had a fascination with art and cosmetics. Rather than pursue a career as a doctor as her mother wanted her to, Phan decided to pursue her fascinations instead. The result was her becoming  the most recognizable face in the YouTube beauty community as well as an accidental millionaire.

In 2006, Michelle Phan started a personal blog in which she discussed different makeup tutorials. After receiving  requests for further instruction, she began posting tutorial vlogs on Xanga under the username Ricebunny and  began publishing on YouTube in May, 2007. Although they were uncommon at the time, Phan implemented some special effects and voice-over narration in her videos. These unique styles proved to be quite popular and Phan’s video’s became viral after they  were featured on Buzzfeed in 2009 and 2010.In particular, her “Lady Gaga Poker Face Tutorial and Lady Gaga Bad Romance Look brought her over a million subscribers.images (1)

After noticing that Phan included some of their products in her beauty product review videos, Lancome made Phan their official video make-up artist. In 2011, Phan co-founded a monthly beauty subscription  service (now called Ipsy) that is filled with various beauty products that are associated to tutorials on her website. Phan also became a YouTube advertising partner and launched FAWN, a YouTube MCN (multi-channel network) in 2012. In May 2013, Ipsy hosted Generation Beauty, a conference in Los Angeles for beauty bloggers and online beauty content creators. And in August, 2013, Phan in conjunction with the L’Oreal Group launched a new cosmetic line called EM Michelle Phan.