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artifact uprising.


In Maya Angelou’s autobiography, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, she writes, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story.”

Jenna and Matthew Walker, co-founders of Artifact Uprising, would agree.  Born from their desire to cultivate tangible story-telling, Artifact Uprising (a “design-your-own” photo book and photo goods business) required a great deal of perseverance, creativity, and a dash of serendipity.

In 2004, after pondering her recent desire to learn the art of photography, Jenna happened upon a discarded, yet intact, camera and lenses.  After recovering from her complete astonishment, she took the blessed opportunity and soon fell in love with photography.


“We worked as professional photographers for 8 years–making permanence of experiences that move minds and hearts. As one click of the shutter turned to another turned to hundreds of thousands of photos, we realized our documented lives were sitting on our phones and computers with no true place to live on. It’s something we kept coming back to–‘What are we leaving behind?’”

The Walkers wanted to create an authentic business design that would allow each customer to share his/her life in a unique and sustainable fashion.

“Somehow – with a kind of serendipity much like finding that first camera – doors opened where there might have otherwise been dead ends. Sometimes the world whispers ‘Stay the course.’ And that we did.”

Like many entrepreneurs preceding them, Jenna and Matthew had to persevere in the face of failure, pivot, create, and redesign.  They added products, features, and employees which has culminated into their own beautiful story.


From basement to business, Artifact Uprising is a poster child for the entrepreneurial mind.

If you would like to read the full story and or browse their wonderfully crafted products, please visit their website:

Creativity. Community. Authenticity.

A Real Estate Investor Who Isn’t Old Enough to Drive

Willow Tufano is a now fifteen year old girl who lives in Florida, but she was only fourteen years old when she bought her first house with the help of her mother, and began renting it out for $700 a month.  The two now own an additional house which they also rent out.  They bought the first for $12,000 and the second for $17,500, incredibly low prices in the housing market.  Willow’s plan is to buy her mother’s half of the houses when she turns eighteen and is legally allowed to own a house, she also hopes to own ten of these homes by that point.

Willow’s mother worked in real estate even before Willow asked for help to buy a house, and Willow helped gut and renovate houses for her mother, as she does still, now, for the houses that the two buy together and rent out.  Willow has put so much time into these houses and this business that she has left her full time school for the gifted to be homeschooled through Florida’s Virtual School.

I am personally inspired by Willow because I know adults who are in a similar business, with buying and renting out houses, who are much later in life than she is.  I didn’t think it was possible for a girl her age to be handling such big projects and to be putting so much energy into something that is generally something that adults who are older than her do.  She’s also inspirational because she is able to balance school and her business, and she was able to recognize that she wouldn’t be able to do that while still enrolled in traditional schooling, and made the decision to switch to homeschooling.  Willow renovating a home


Brian Moran – helping you scale your start-up

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A Little About Me…

I’m a former college baseball player who’s career was cut short, which somehow led me into the world of marketing online. My first website, was anything but an instant success, but over time I learned what separated profitable websites from the others.

I wanted to share that information with the world, which lead to quitting my job, creating this site, and

This site takes you through my journey of teaching entrepreneurs, startups, and hopeful business owners how to get their idea out to the world quickly and profitably.

About Get10kFans

Get 10,000 Fans’ mission is to empower business owners to use Facebook’s social network to grow their business through proven marketing strategies.

Founded in November 2010 by Brian Moran, Get 10,000 fans serves business owners & independent entrepreneurs around the world. The Get 10,000 Fans team is devoted to delivering the best and most relevant marketing tactics & strategies to our community of over 225,000+ fans, email subscribers, and customers.

We provide information through our blog, our email newsletter, various paid video trainings, and through a number of subscription-based softwares and services. Our video trainings are aimed at empowering users with Facebook marketing, knowledge, & strategy for businesses who are overwhelmed by ineffective Social Media Marketing strategies.

Since our launch in late 2010, our offerings have expanded from a single training course, to seven video training courses covering all different aspects of Facebook Marketing. We also offer 2 web-based softwares that aid users in creating powerful, customized Fan Pages for their business ventures.

In August of 2009, I (Brian Moran) had recently graduated college with a degree in marketing management and yet found myself beginning a career that had nothing to do with marketing. I was engaged at the time, and started to think about my future and path over the next couple years.

I had played baseball and college in my career had come to an end after a short stint in semipro baseball. So I began thinking what if there was a way for me to merge my two passions baseball and marketing together and actually start to create a new hobby for myself. I had always dreamt of owning my own company one day so I began searching online and eventually stumbled over website that changed everything.

I started listening to every podcast, reading every blog, and trying to suck in every piece of content that I could. I struggled with what business to start first and I finally decided to go into the baseball industry, something that I knew that I could provide good content to my visitors. I spent the next six months endlessly searching, reading, and learning every strategy that I could. I wasn’t making a dime, but the dream was still alive and I didn’t really care about the money.

Brian Moran

I was confident enough in myself and I knew that if I kept pushing for that eventually something would happen. During that time I was able to learn a lot about blogging, WordPress, search engine optimization, driving traffic, social media, product creation, membership sites, and a whole lot more. The only problem for me at that time was that I was not making any sales. the traffic just wasn’t there and I was not a lot I can do about it being a one-man show.

Finally in April of 2010, I stumbled on something that literally turned my world upside down. this little secret, was Facebook. I remember sitting in my college dorm as a freshman in 2004 hearing what my buddies talk about this new website called “Facebook” and how it seemed to be a pretty cool tool to connect with old classmates that we lost touch with. Little did I know that this new tool would become my largest source of traffic six months later.

I began using Facebook fan pages and advertising to drive more traffic to my website than I ever thought I would be able to get by myself. It almost seemed too easy. I’ve struggled before with search engine optimization and Google AdWords, but Facebook just came so easy to me. It was simple. And the results came almost instantly.

I did a lot of testing and tweaking over the next couple months, but for the first time I was seeing a steady amount of sales coming in each week. I felt like the dream was finally starting to come into place. I decided that day and output all the other hyped up techniques to the side and focus solely on Facebook.

A few short months later I have multiple fan pages with thousands of fans residing on each one. My puny little e-mail list of 60 baseball players that took me over six months to generate had turned into a list of thousands of people in a few short weeks. I was finally able to focus on creating excellent content and stop worrying about where the traffic was at a come from next.

It was in November of 2010 that my train baseball fan page had reached 10,000 fans and I decided that I would finally start a business that aimed at helping other small businesses like you get off the ground using tools like Facebook. So this is where things sit today. I’m 24 years old, and get a pretty neat opportunity to help out small businesses make better use of facebook.

Chances are that if you’re reading this you’re where I was six months ago. You’re reading the story of someone who’s only a few steps ahead and truthfully it won’t take much for you to get where you want to be.

I  hope you enjoy every post I release. I would love to hear from you and get any feedback you might have. You can usually find me using either our fan page wall, the comments feature on our posts, or our contact page here on the website.

Best of luck! I can’t wait to hear your success story.

~ Brian Moran

getting 1000 fans fans was one of brian’s first and most successful business ventures. transferring his love for baseball brian saw a chance to profit from helping other entrepreneurs draw more attention. Grove City graduate and great example of a millennial entrepreneur.

Hairstyist at home

Libby 360

Libby Strkpo has wanted to be a hair stylist since she was elementary school. Like any young girl she loved doing her barbie dolls hair and looking in her moms magazines at different up-dos and cuts. This passion just grew as she got older and by the time she

Libby en graduated high school Libby knew exactly what she wanted to do. She enrolled in Douglas J. Cosmetology school. For those of you not from the Mid-Michigan area DouglasJ. is the most prestigious hair salon and spa around. To graduate the school is actually quite difficult and only the best of the best get their cosmetology license through them. Libby graduated as one of the top of her class and was immediately offered a job at the permanent salon.

Libby “Go with your passions and God will help you.”

Libby specialized in color and worked with many different clients, including my mom! My mom and Libby met and hit it off right away. My mom would never go to anyone else to get her hair done because Libby is just so good. Libby gained a large clientele, but was not happy at Douglas J.. So she decided to go to another salon in the area where she could have more freedom. All of Libby’s clients followed her to her new job because they love her so much.

After a couple of years working under the boss at this new salon, Libby decided she did not want a boss anymore. So she decided to open up her own salon in her house called Libby 360. She and her husband revamped a room in their house and bought salon chairs and all the other products. Now six years later Libby 360 is thriving! Libby has so many clients she has to turn people away. She also has made so much money that she can expand the salon and add onto her house.

Libby is an inspiration to me because she never gave up on her passion. She never went to college ans yet was able to start her own business and have it be successful. It gives me hope that anything is possible with a lot work and prayer.


Mate Rimac: Out of Nowhere

Guys, and Cars (Electric Cars)BN-AC237_mag111_G_20131022151958

See this car? Believe it or not, Mate Rimac (pictured) designed it at 21. Yeah, 21. And this slick cherry-red vehicle, the Concept One, goes from zero to sixty in three seconds. But why electric cars?

“It wasn’t about making the cars environmentally friendly, the performance is just much better.” -Mate Rimac

After years of testing a converted 1984 E30 BMW, he hit some spots of success. He began to work with his team on the Concept One, after being approached by a Croatian businessman on behalf of Abu Dhabi’s royal family. They wanted two cars, and so he set to work.

Hobby to Business

Rimac loved working on cars, but the passion quickly turned into something for which people sought him out. Today Rimac Automobili employs 22 workers. The company is small but it has certainly grown through trial and success. Early on, Rimac depended on seed money from his father–a shopping-center developer–and Abu Dhabi’s promise to invest. When the vehicle debuted in Germany, the industry was shocked. All of a sudden Rimac Automobili was offering quality super-cars that made BMW and Tesla scratch their heads and take a breather. Rimac had come out of nowhere, and he wasn’t going to be easy to catch up to in his fancy Concept One.

“It was a learning curve—we made mistakes, but eventually I realized we were doing something right: developing cars for a lot less money than big car manufacturers and managing to beat them in many fields. We have an advantage starting with a blank sheet of paper. There’s no heritage that we have to incorporate into the design.” -Mate Rimac


Kevin Ma

Our conversation with the man behind Hypebeast

kevin-1.jpgStarting out as an early chronicle of sneaker culture, Hypebeast has distinctly evolved into an online magazine that lives up to the tongue-in-cheek origins of its name as a go-to influence guide. Since 2005, founder and editor-in-chief, Kevin Ma has been a sartorial force in covering streetwear. Reflecting Ma’s own growing interests, Hypebeast soon expanded into coverage of art and entertainment. Collaborating with such style giants as Adidas, Hypebeast soon gave rise to HBTV, an in-depth look at the talent behind the brands.Operating from its headquarters in Hong Kong, Hypebeast is driven by a sense of good taste uniquely its own; a distinction that has earned it the honor of being one of Time’s ’50 Best Websites’ in 2008 and a digital street cred that has led to the recent launch of its on-line store.



– This website started out as a way for people to stay up to date on new release in modern fashion and technology. since its birth it has evolved into a not only a create source for the newest releases but also a portal for purchasing. Kevin Ma revolutionized the way people view and buy high market items with his online magazine, HYPEBEAST. The success of his website and the unique way he found to create a profitable business is the reason i chose him as an millennial entrepreneur.

Pradux-Linking You and Me to Societies’ Top Icons

Ever seen an athlete, artist, actor or any other icon and wish you could share their wardrobe with them? Alex Koblenz sure has. In fact, it happened to him just a few years ago.  Alex was at a Jay-Z concert and loved what HOVA was wearing.  Upon returning home, he spent hours pouring through the internet trying to discover what Jay-Z had on during the concert. Unfortunately, he was unable to find it.  His frustration turned into an ingenious business idea. His problem needed a solution. A thus came about the founding of Pradux.

Pradux is a website that allows users to browse products they see in their favorite magazines, on the web, on  TV, and in blogs. His site possesses a plethora of products from fashion to food, art, electronics, sports and more. The website is based of thousands of databases from popular TV shows to movies and iconic figures in pop culture.

Pradux is a very intriguing company from a business standpoint.  It allows users to submit the products that they see on TV and in the world.  In this manner, it works much like any popular social media site like Instagram or Twitter.  Every time a user engages a posted product, they receive a point.  These points add up and eventually unlock experiences with the brands on the website.  If someone buys a posted item, the user who posted that item splits the commission with Pradux 50/50. Over the course of the next five years, Alex sees Pradux being not only able to bridge the gap between, but also blend social, retail and entertainment into one ultimate experience.

In a society so caught up in current economic turmoil, Koblenz is a glimmering light of hope in the business world.  His positive attitude drives his business and innovation. “Never quit,” he insists, “always keep moving forward. Always try to find some type of positive each day, however small it is, to keep the momentum going.”


Lizzie Marie Cuisine

Meet Lizzie Marie Likness. An eager 13-year-old, who has not only touched the hearts and “stomachs” of her community, but also a multitude of families around the country.

As a toddler, Lizzie had a natural talent in the kitchen, and as a 6 year-old fell in love with horseback riding. Motivated to pay lessons, Lizzie began baking to raise money, combining her two hobbies.

Through selling her healthy homemade baked goods at the local farmer’s market, Lizzie’s “fundraiser” developed into a full blown organization. Although her passion for horseback riding was just as strong, Lizzie’s focus soon shifted to growing her business.

Lizzie especially focused on instilling the importance of maintaining an all around healthy lifestyle.

”Lizzie Marie Cuisine is unique because I teach kids how to have fun cooking healthy meals and how to live healthy.”

From appearing on the “Rachel Ray Show” to being a spokesperson for the American Heart Association, Lizzie has taken advantage of the opportunity to inspire others.

Lizzie plans to launch a series of cookbooks, digital media shows, and even a healthy line of packaged food products in the near future. At such a young age, with a variety of connections, Lizzie’s future in this industry is looking bright!

Lizzie’s final advice to those who aspire to truly be successful is as follows.

“The greatest reward is doing what you love for the good of others.”


Budd Seed

 Since he was in middle school, Ken Budd has loved to play golf. He thoroughly enjoys the game, and loves to help develop local golf course in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Growing up in the town, he realized that there was a problem prevalent in many local golf courses. The grass, or the turf, on these courses was constantly and bad shape, and in no condition to play a fun round of golf. “Budd Seed,” as he called it, was launched in order to solve this problem through supplying top notch grass seed to the courses, and providing lawn care to each course for a price.

Ken’s business quickly took off due to the need for a grass seed supplier in the city. As his reputation for stable prices and great work grew, so did his business. Budd Seed became the weekly supplier to almost every golf course in Winston-Salem. 20 years later, Ken sold his multi-million dollar business and retired. He still enjoys playing golf on the same courses he used as a kid. Ken Budd’s ability to see a problem in the community of Winston-Salem shows why he is a brilliant entrepreneur and a great businessman.

Garage Sale: A New Approach

Sometimes the most  innovative ideas are also the simplest, or the most overlooked. That’s what Ben Weissenstein latched onto in his idea to begin a business that took advantage of an ordinary neighborhood phenomenon – the garage sale. When he was just 14, Ben was helping his mom get ready for a garage sale, and he thought about how this could be expanded into a bigger business. Five years later, Grand Slam Garage Sales is the result of much hard labor on the part of Ben and a few of his hand-chosen friends.


The Business

Other services provided by GSGS include actual service to set up garage sales and clean up afterwards, as well as a business kit that the company sells to people who want to start their own local garage sale businesses. Ben and his team have considered selling franchises to the business since they are a licensed LLC company, but after considering logistics, they decided that selling the business kits would be a more efficient way of expansion.Today, Grand Slam Garage Sale (GSGS) offers several game-changing services for how to revamp the garage-sale industry. For twenty dollars, anyone can have their garage sale listed on an online database so that people can find them when looking for local garage sales to attend. GSGS also keeps an email list of people who sign up to be notified of new garages sales in their area.


Ben’s website states a simple goal: “Help lots of people throughout the country who want to clean up the clutter around their homes while making a little extra money at the same time.” An average GSGS-hosted garage sale makes over $800 in the few hours that it functions. It truly does allow busy people to make some money while also engaging the problem that many people have of overabundance of things that add disorganization to everyday life.

Grand Slam Garage Sales has been featured on Dr. Phil, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Ben is an example of a millennial entrepreneur who looked at his available resources and created a business idea out of a common neighborhood practice.