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Chasing Paper

Elizabeth Rees grew up in an entreprenural family, her father managed a printing plant called Kubin-Nicholson. Although she didnt always plan to become involved with the family printing business, she ran a line of modular wallpaper using the plant’s digital paper that became an instant hit among her friend that sparked serious word of mouth. Elizabeth has traveled through many towns and cities growing up and her entrepreneurial spirit has been cultivated along the way. Having to decorate her many homes around the globe, the idea for a modern wallpaper for the urban home was formed. Chasing Paper is an e-commerce brand that specializes in stylish, removable wallpaper that was led by Rees with backing by her families company. It is on track to hit $1 million in sales with its wall paper retailing at $40 a piece. This entreprenur found a way to use what she had availible to cater to her own style and passions.

ManCan- Manly Scented Candles

Hart Main is already a successful entrepreneur at the age of 14. With the help of his family, he has developed the ManCan which is a brand of candles for men. Some of the candle scents consist of fresh cut grass, sawdust, campfire, bacon, grandpa’s pipe and more. Today, ManCan candles are sold in over 60 different stores across the US, and around 9,000 units have been sold. Hart plans to devote as much time as he can into this growing business but must also focus on his schoolwork being 14.

Hart developed this idea after making fun of his sister who was selling more girly scented candles at a school fundraiser. Hart saw the problem that their were not enough candle scents that appeal to men so he began brainstorming ideas for manly scented candles. He put in an initial investment of $100 to get the business started and his parents put in another $200. What began as a small idea became something much larger and much more successful as this family began to develop their product.

Hart’s story is an inspiration to all young entrepreneurs in the world today. No matter what idea you have or how small your business seems in the beginning, there is the potential for growth if you keep thinking of ways to improve.

Actress Turned Entrepreneur

lauren-conrad-1Lauren Conrad is a well-known actress and reality-TV show star however most people do not know that she has become a successful young entrepreneur, owning two clothing lines as well as a book franchise and two websites. She used her fame and publicity to help launch her first clothing line and demonstrate that she wasn’t just the next star to create a business on a whim, instead she was committed and passionate about where she wanted her business to go. In 2007, she launched her first clothing line, The Lauren Conrad Collection. Although it ended up being a dismal failure, she learned and grew through her mistakes and launched a second, successful clothing line in 2009, LC by Lauren Conrad, in conjunction with the retailer Kohls. Since then, she has launched another clothing company, Paper Crown, written eight books, and started two websites.


In 2013, Lauren and her friend Hannah Skvarla were inspired to start a non-profit named the Little Market. It is a company that empowers women artisans and provides a market for their products to be sold in order to provide for their families. Today, The Little Market partners with 26 artisans in 16 countries to carry their products and they hope to grow that number even more.


Lauren has found much success with her products and websites, however she is not stopping there. She said stated that she no interest in returning to television, instead she wants to continue on with her businesses and keep doing what she loves. Lauren Conrad is a millennial entrepreneur who gives a wonderful example of using fame and success to get where she wanted to be, entrepreneurial, and then taking her success from there and giving back to others with dreams just like hers.


Her personal website:

The Little Market website:


Hart Main: Man-Cans

Not many companies start off due to siblings teasing each other, but in the case of Man-Cans: manly scented candles, those were its humble beginnings. Hart Main was 14 in 2010 when his sister was selling girly smelling candles for a fundraiser for school, and he realized the world had a lacking of manly candles. After an investment of $300 from himself and his parents, he started work on making the scents and the candles. Currently, Man-Cans are being sold in over 150 stores, after being partnered with Beaver Creek Candle Co..

A second part to Hart’s business is charity. His candles are sold in soup cans and in the beginning, he and his family would eat the soup, but once orders started to pile up, he began donating soup to homeless shelters and then collecting cans after the meal was served. Now, he donates 75 cents from each candle sold to soup kitchens in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Michigan.




IdeaPaintLogo_4cIdeaPaint is a dry erase paint company that was founded in 2002 by John Goscha as a freshman at Babson College in Massachusetts. According Goscha and its other founders Andrew Foley and William Gioielli, IdeaPaint’s purpose is to inspire and encourage everyone in their creative potential through their primary product which can transform almost any smooth surface into an erasable canvas, giving people the space they need to fully explore their ideas.


Back in their dorms at Babson College, these entrepreneurs would hang large sheets of paper on their walls to have a better space to think through their ideas. However, they would constantly have to tear it down and put more up every time they ran out of room and they thought, Surely there must be a better way. The team searched for this product but, to their surprise, they found nothing. So they set off on a six year journey to make this product commercially viable. Now they are widely successful and have been recognized by Mashable and Forbes. Goscha says “I look forward to the company bringing great products to market that inspire creativity and innovation in all of our customers for many years to come.”

Man Can’s

Hart Main is a 14 year old kid and was sick of smelling “girly scents”. His sister was selling candles that smelled, well like girls. He wanted to create a candle line that smelled like things he liked. With an initial investment of 100 dollars of his own money and 200 of his parents he started  ManCans. The line started with scents like Campfire, Bacon, Sawdust, Fresh Cut Grass, and Grandpa’s pie. Man Cans are sold in stores across the country. This is a problem that no one really saw. Hart saw a trend and decided to open it up to a new market segment, market candles to appeal to men. This is such a simple business line as scented wax is so easy to make, the profit margins are incredible.


Hart Main is a 14-year old that came up with the idea of manly scented candles when he was teasing his sister about the girly scented ones she was selling for a school fundraiser. Although she didn’t expect him to fully pursue the manly scented candles idea himself, he did, and the idea has turned into a nationwide success. Main put in an initial investment of $100, his parents put in $200, and they all worked together to develop the candles as a group. The available scents include: Campfire, Bacon, Sawdust, Fresh Cut Grass, Grandpa’s Pipe and more. Today, ManCans candles are in over 60 stores across the country and have sold about 9,000 units. Main will stick with selling ManCans’ inventory until he has to shift his focus back into school in the fall. I mean, he is only 14 after all. I think this is a cute and inspiring story of a young entrepreneur. It just goes to show that you can never be too young to begin a business on your own. Also this story is an example of the random moments that life changing ideas can pop into your head. Go ManCan!


ModCloth: eCommerce at its best!

images (2)ModCloth is an online retailer that specializes in vintage , vintage-inspired and indie clothing, accessories and decor. ModCloth was started in Pittsburgh in 2002 by Susan Gregg-Koger and her then-boyfriend, now-husband, Eric Koger. Eric started a web development business in 2000 and used his knowledge to help Susan launch an eCommerce site for the amazing pre-worn vintage items she’d found at vintage sales. The company began in the Kogers’ college house basement at Carnegie Mellon where they employed a student part-time to help with packaging and shipping. It now has, however, 450 full-time employees across offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh. It is one of the fastest-growing fashion and home eCommerce ventures to emerge in the past decade and the company did more than $100 million in sales last (2)

ModCloth is extremely popular with fashion bloggers, vintage lovers, and online shoppers in general because there are up to 50 new products a day on the ModCloth website. That fresh content is essential to making browsing the ModCloth site a daily habit. Also, ModCloth’s Be the Buyer program allows customers to vote on which designs are created and sold by ModCloth. Combine all this with ModCloth’s great customer service and it’s no wonder that in 2010, ModCloth was  named the #2 Fastest-Growing Private Company in America according to Inc. It was also named to Forbes 30 under 30 list for Technology in 2011 and for Art and Style in 2012. ModCloth also made No. 19 on the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies as well as No. 14 on the Most Innovative Social Media Companies list by Fast Company in 2013.2-3_ModCloth