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Brian Wong

Imagine a world where apps and websites offered prizes instead of pesky advertisements. Well, our sought after technical advances have become a reality once again.


Brian Wong, a young entrepreneur, tackled this idea at the age of 23. It all began when he started to pay in-depth attention to the people around him and their mobile use habits, especially with application based game play. He then saw the opportunity, stating that  “I remember noticing that there were these achievements that people would be hitting, like leveling up or hitting a high score … but then what struck me was that in those moments of happiness people were actually not being appreciated but rather slapped in the face with a pretty terrible advertisement.” The over all idea in a nutshell is to replace traditional advertisements with prizes after the user has accomplished something in the game. Its brilliant, and an incentive that is way more powerful than random advertisement 95% of users will immediately ignore or even find annoying.


Below are some examples of his prize based advertising. Check out his website at



“…Your favorite food from your favorite restaurant right to your door faster than anyone else.”  This slogan is found at the end of a commercial video for Dashed.  Dashed was founded in 2009 by Phil Dumontet as a food delivery service. Dashed, however, is not your ordinary delivery service. One of the things that make this company different is that they are environmentally conscience making the majority of their deliveries by bike, scooter, or smart car.  Founder Phil Dumontet gives his piece of wisdom on the running of companies stating the importance of having something that you do well and being focused on doing that one thing best, because to do everything the best is often impractical.  In the case of Dashed, they claim speed as this defining quality, with an average delivery time of forty-five minutes.  With locations in several major cities in the northeastern portion of the country, Dashed delivers food from several hundred local and chain restaurants.  Dumontet has also expanded Dashed to include delivery of other items such as Christmas trees.  With the rapid expansion of Dumontet’s company, Dashed appears to have a large following that will last for some time.