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Suja Juice: A Lifestyle

suja-juice-1Annie Lawless had many health issues as a child and young adult and a result of that discovered a new found passion for health and nutrition in her teenage years. This passion and expertise in nutrition led her to found, with several co-founders with similar passions, Suja Juice.

Suja Juice makes organic cold-pressured juices and smoothies. In 2015, they were named #2 on Forbes “Most Promising Companies: The Top 20 of 2015.” They have remained popular and have received much attention and acclaim for their products. In January, Suja was valued at more than $300 million and they are expected to reach $70 million in sales this year.




Annie Lawless created a business that she, and her co-founders, were passionate about and grew that business because she also found a niche that consumers were passionate about.  The nutrition and health food market is one that is extremely specialized and each consumer has their very own favorite good that he or she seeks out which can be deflating or inflating for companies. Suja Juice is a company that offers a product that many consumers will go out of their way to find, which shows success in what the company is making and doing. Annie Lawless is a millennial entrepreneur who fully embodies the spirit of what being a millennial entrepreneur means and practices it every day. Well done, Annie!


You can Suja Juice’s website here:

You can also find Annie Lawless’ personal blog here:


ReThink: A Millennial Entrepreneur’s Solution to Cyberbullying

Remember that one time someone said something at school and it hurt you, to the point that you remember it to this day? Maybe you experienced some form of bullying, a lot of people can identify with at least one case. Most of us grew up as kids without cellphones or access to internet for that matter. Verbal bullying consisted of what you could say to another person face to face or on the phone. With the introduction of the cell phone and mcyberbullying-benjaminmadeira-comost kids owning one, communication advances into other mediums. But with this easy mode of communication comes more ways to bully. Words over text last longer, but words can also be edited from the initial thought unlike face to face communication. So, many parents and school systems ask the question: Is there any way to try and limit text bullying without censorship of free speech?

Trisha Prabhu is a 16 year old female social entrepreneur with her mind set on creating something that diminishes cyberbullying. Trisha, around 13 years old started formulating an idea that limits bullying that takes place within the school system. She designed an app called ReThink. Over the past years, Trisha has won countless awards and finally got her idea officially endorsed by a shark on the show Shark Tank.

ReThink is an app that can be purchased by school systems where the app can be implemented to all electronics owned by the school. When kids go to respond to a message, if they use language that sounds offensive in nature, a message will pop up and ask if they would like to reword their text. This mere pause before sending has been proven to diminish cyberbullying immensely.


Being someone who is weary about any speech censorship, I actually find this app to be acceptable because it doesn’t prohibit anyone from speaking what they think, just suggesting that they maybe rethink how they say it. It’s obvious to see that Trisha has compassion and a heart to help others, but she also has an eye to see a solution to a problem that seemed almost hopeless for many online. As an entrepreneur, she inspires me to not look past problems that are just socially accepted as how it will always be. As a communications major, she shows me how we can promote healthy communication without infringing on people’s rights to free speech.

Kiel James Patrick

Kiel James Patrick did not grow up in a wealthy family, nor did he go to college. He decided to use his passion for design and American-made products to create his own bracelet brand with his wife. They began making preppy bracelets with a nautical theme, and now their business has expanded to hats and clothing. However, they only make a few clothing products to maintain the quality of their product.


KJP has used social media to turn his life into a brand. They only advertise on social media, and they do a great job of getting their brand seen. Mr. Patrick’s wife, Sarah, also promotes their brand through her blog, Classy Girls Wear Pearls. Their brand embodies a classic lifestyle, and their good quality products meet expectations set by their social media.


These entrepreneurs also appreciate creativity, which is one reason why their brand is so successful. Their factory–located in New England–is decorated with vintage furniture, oriental rugs, and classic artwork. The factory also has a hammock where workers can nap throughout the day. These details all add to the integrity of their brand.

Pictures Made Social

instagram-2Instagram… something that the vast majority of young people today are more than familiar with. However, not many people know about the founders of Instagram or the early days of Burbn which became the photo sharing app that is known and loved today. Kevin Systrom originally created an app that resembled Foursquare however it differentiated itself by using text messages and photos. With some funding and the new addition of partner Mike Kreiger, Systrom was on his way to creating something unique and totally unexpected in the world of social media.


The two men realized that mobile photos were an area that held interest and promise. They took what they liked from Burbn, shared photos with comment and like capabilities, and crafted that into a brand new app, Instagram. After weeks and months of creating a name and developing the app, on October 6, 2010, Instagram was released to the public. Within hours, 10,000 users were counted. Today, Instagram is bustling social media platform with over 400 million users and 95 million photos uploaded per day. A mere one and half years after its successful release, in April 2012 Facebook acquired the company for one billion dollars, making Systrom and Kreiger instant millionaires. Although Instagram is no longer owned and operated by its original founders, the app retains its unique perspective on sharing as well as its popularity. Systrom and Kreiger are examples of entrepreneurs who partnered together and used the strengths of each man, along with existing product inspiration, to create an app in a niche area that remains wildly popular today.

Socail Media and Communication and how Facebook changed them

It is funny talking about Facebook because I can’t remember a time without it. Facebook was originally created so someone could rate faces of anonymous individuals. It has become though the platform on which it seems all other social media is either based or modeled after. I know that almost everything you connect to via internet now has an option for you to connect that to Facebook or Sign-up/Login using Facebook. People will even look at social media now before hiring someone. Besides being a place to share what is on your mind people will use it before their dates or just after meeting someone, or more so to look up to see how old friends are doing, or send a message to someone you have been meaning to talk to like a relative or friend. This masterfully crafted product was created by the household name Mark Zuckerberg. At the age of 32 he now has a NET worth of nearly 55 billion dollars. Facebook although seems to have been taken over by moms, has been coming back with the introduction of Instagram. Instagram is masterfully crafted to once again revolutionize social media, this time it is a lot harder to rant about politics and silly viewpoints. Instagram users share a picture followed by a short caption. It has only been recently that advertising/sponsored posts have been seen on Instagram. Mark has been in the spotlight a lot over the past few years with his recent successes and I have no doubt that though we haven’t seen him recently he will be back, and maybe this time with something even better.