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ARE YOU KIDDING: 7 Year old Raises Money for Cancer

Many seven year olds stay parked in front of the television for hours watching cartoons.  However, this is not the case for Sebastian Martinez.  Sebastian is the CEO of his own company called Are you kidding, which raises money for organizations such as the American Cancer Society.  It all started with his passion for unique and funky socks.  This idea sparked a business that continues to grow, surpassing $15,000 in January of 2015.  Since then, Socks by Sebastian has continued to grow and sell from their website.  Sebastian and his brother use their creative socks to raise funds for local and national charities. Now at the young age of eight and ten, these two brothers use their creativity and hard earned money for others. They run their company and make significant incomes, money that any young kid would happily spend on themselves.  Yet, they both forgo splurging on material goods and donate to kids with autism and cancer.

No matter the age, a simple idea can make a huge and lasting impact on the community.  Anyone who is interested in these two young entrepreneurs can either purchase socks, get their school involved in the company, donate, or volunteer to one of Are You Kidding’s partner organizations.

Below is an example of some of the wild and unique shop options from the Are You Kidding sight. This pair can be purchased for only ten dollars, and it goes directly to their autism charity.