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Cardborigami: Housing for the Homeless

Roughly 1,750,000 people are homeless in the United States.  Without a place to live or a comfortable place to sleep, people are constantly suffering all over the nation. Especially the homeless people affected during natural disasters.   Tina Hovsepian, a young entrepreneur, has drastically changed the lives of homeless people everywhere with Cardborigami.  Cardborigami provides instant housing to protect  from the elements through innovation and design. The design is lightweight, durable, structural, and treated cardboard.  No assembly is required and the cardboard is insulated. Below is an example of a Cardborigami shelter, costing $250.00.  With its spacious design, the tent can fit two adults comfortably. These shelters can house homeless men and women, but also can be used for a fun camping trip on the beach or in a park.  38.jpgThis shelter, along with most of the tents, was built locally in Los Angeles by veterans and homeless youth.  All proceeds from a purchase of a shelter go directly into Cardborigami’s homeless aid and disaster relief programs.

While the shelters may be more expensive to purchase, the company also sells small and large Nepali bags.  These handcrafted bags were brought back from Nepal by our CEO and Founder, Tina Hovsepian. They are hand sewn by Nepali wosmall+plain+bag.pngmen in the villages of Gorkha. The proceeds from Nepali bags sold will go towards rebuilding more earthquake safe structures in Nepal.

This company has been recognized all around the United States, and has been featured in prominent newspapers and journals across the states.  A simple idea using some simple materials, has revolutionized shelters for the homeless and those in crisis.   

Tina Hovsepian, the founder and inventor, was featured in Forbes 30 under 30 this year.  Her innovative solutions to the homelessness problem continues to bless countless people and I encourage you to donate to the cause!