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Scott’s Cheap Flights

Scott Keyes’ business came from him merely doing something he enjoyed. Eventually he realized that his passion was marketable and profitable. This passion was finding cheap flights. He seemed to have a proclivity for finding extremely good deals on flights, and this caught the attention of his friends who, envying his ability, inspired him to start a newsletter do disseminate knowledge concerning this hobby of his. Eventually he realized that far more than just his friends had taken interest in his little project which was not so little anymore.

In only two short years, Scott had more than 250,000 subscribers and was the head of a five-employees and a million dollar start-up. Keyes was able to profit doing essentially the exact thing he had before he started making money just with paying subscribers. This enabled him to spend only $500 on marketing – an incredible number for a venture bringing in such high levels of capital. This is truly a testament to the power of doing something you love and allowing ideas to stem from your own strengths and interests- especially in entrepreneurship.

Scott Keyes in Milan. His $130 round trip plane ticket was the catalyst for his business.

Scott Keyes in Milan


Wicked Good Cupcakes (with a wicked twist)

There is no question that I always have room for dessert. Cupcakes are known for being delicious individual desserts that are great for almost any occasion when you don’t want to get messy cutting up a cake. The problem with cupcakes is that they tend to fall or role around if you are transporting them somewhere…How could you transport and ship cupcakes without disappointing the customer?! Solution? Put the cupcake in a cup (or a jar)!!! This is exactly what a mother and daughter came up with for their growing bakery. Tracey and her daughter Dani now have a 20 million dollar business selling cupcakes in jars! Who would have thought?!

This duo has been seen on the show SharkTank and they even won over Mr. Wonderful himself.

(03/04/2015 Marshfield, MA) Wicked Good Cupcakes Tracey Noonan, right, and Danielle Vilagie (on left) got a major national boost in 2013 for their popular locally based mail order cupcake business with an investment from Kevin O'Leary, center, of Shark Tank. Wednesday, March 4, 2015. Staff Photo by Matt West

Focusing specifically on the millennial in this duo, Dani says not many 25 year olds have the privilege of owning a multi-million dollar company. I would go further to say that most people don’t see that much revenue in a lifetime.

Dani has proven that providing simple solutions can be the most elegant and effective business strategy. It’s new. It’s different. It’s tasty. And most importantly it sells. Dani also has an edgy style which is probably what gives a personal touch to the company’s name. Wicked Good Cupcakes got its foothold by making wicked good cupcakes…but the niche of being able to put it in a classy jar and ship it anywhere just opened up a whole new level of customers they couldn’t reach before.

Dani and her mom are a team. Dani, as a millennial entrepreneur, was able to offer a newness to the family recipes that I’m sure her mom aided in concocting. Their website is welcoming and enticing…which makes me even more curious to see how tasty these cupcakes are. I might just have to give into my sweet-tooth and order some. (It does look a little pricey though…so maybe I’ll save the order for a special occasion.)

Shop for some Wicked Good Cupcakes


Private space exploration technology corporations are rising fast and are getting closer to commercializing space flight. SpaceX, currently the most successful company in the field, is an American manufacturer with the highest ambitions. They have plans for helping the human race in colonizing the solar system. There first crazy objective is to safely transport humans to mars in hopes of colonization.

SpaceX was founded in June of 2002 by the same entrepreneur who founded Tesla and PayPal, Elon Musk.

On April 8th 2016 the falcon 9 successfully launched and landed. This was a huge step in the right direction, successfully landing with propulsion methods will prove useful for landing on any and all sorts of surfaces within the solar system. A new age of space exploration is almost in reach.

See Musk’s plans in more detail here

IHOP Pancakes Delivered? Why not!

Picture this…It is 10pm, dinner was five hours ago. You have about 4 hours of work standing between you and sweet, sweet sleep. You could really go for some pancakes. Maybe some fresh IHOP ones? If only they delivered. Well, now you just might be in luck! DASH, a new start-up created by 28 year old Phil Dumontet operates out of only 7 cities currently. It provides the fastest delivery from the best restaurants who don’t have their own delivery services. They promise to deliver in under 40 minutes. Some of the restaurants include:

Dashed offers service available exclusively on Foodler. Founded in 2009 with 1 biker & 1 restaurant, the company has grown to be the leading restaurant delivery service in the Northeast, serving over 800 top-rated restaurants that wouldn’t otherwise offer delivery across Boston, Providence, New Haven, Hoboken & Jersey City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC. Dashed is the first service of its kind to offer full delivery & marketing services for its restaurant partners, so restaurants can focus on what they should: taking care of in-house customers. The company has been showered with awards and acclaims over the years which are only growing.


Reinventing the Wheel – Literally!

Bicycles are great solutions to get you where you need to go, with the benefits of being environmentally friendly and faster than walking.  However, there’s one major drawback – pedaling a bicycle can be hard work, especially for long distances or routes with lots of hills (basically anywhere in western Pennsylvania!).  So that’s where the Copenhagen Wheel comes in.

The Copenhagen Wheel was developed by a team of robotics engineers and designers from MIT specifically for Copenhagen, Denmark – a city known for its bicycle culture.  This innovative team wanted to take some of the work out of bicycling by turning a regular bike into a smart electric hybrid.  Many of the team members have had previous experience with popular startup tech companies.  Add this experience to a visionary marketing team and some venture capital investors, and you get the startup Superpedestrian.

The Copenhagen Wheel

The Copenhagen Wheel works by replacing the back wheel of your bike with the Copenhagen Wheel, which is then connected to an app on your smartphone.  A small servo motor and control system is hidden in the wheel’s sleek red casing.  This system captures your energy as you brake or go down the hill and then lets you use this energy pedal with 3-10 times the normal power of a bike!  This allows you to go up hills easier and go further, faster.  Even cooler is the fact that the Copenhagen Wheel learns how you pedal and can keep track of your fitness, while riding just like a normal bike.  If you don’t believe me, check out this video to learn more about the Copenhagen Wheel.

Clearly the old wheel has met its match!  Superpedestrian is busy getting the Copenhagen Wheel ready for market and it should be widely available within the next year.