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Bark N Borrow – bringing dog sitting to an online platform

24 year old Liam Berkeley released there was a gap with people who want to own pets but are unable to because of their work schedule. To fill this gap he made an app similar to Uber where the user would be able to see local pet sitters in the area who you can contact easily through the app and instantly pay the sitter through the app. It blew up this year and is looking to expand.

With everyone having smartphones and making the app free, it has opened the door fir Bark N Borrow to out do their competitors and make connections with people who don’t have the ability to make prior arrangements. Liam Berkeley made it on multiple lists of most impressive young entrepreneurs.

Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee was created in 2012 in New York by Mike Brown. Death Wish Coffee is known for being the strongest coffee. Mike’s goal was to make a strong highly caffeinated dark roast that still had plenty of flavor. So he started a coffee shop and tried his new blend of coffee beans on his morning customers who helped him adapt his blend to me more flavorful.

During the 2015 Superbowl Mike won a contest to get a 30 second ad. After that accomplishment they were the sponsor of comic con and sponsored Nascar. In a few short years the company grew to being one of the most well known Dark Roast coffee blends in America. They have tapped into other markets such as apparel and coffee mugs. Death Wish Coffee now has a full staff of workers and can be found at big name grocery stores such as Meijer, Whole Foods, and Mariono’s.

Elementeo Cards

When Anshul Samar was a fourth grader, he loved playing card games. Two years later, he began developing his own, which he called Elementeo. Samar aimed to make chemistry fun with his board-based game, which involves pitting personified versions of each element on the periodic table against each other to “capture” electrons. Samar has continued to update the game and has even created a grant fund for other young entrepreneurs. Years later, he is now currently earning his master’s degree in computer science at Stanford University.

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Beans on Broad: in a Pinch

Beans on Broad is a coffee shop in downtown Grove City.  This coffee shop represents more than just a peaceful atmosphere to enjoy a cup O’joe, but an insightful hub of innovation. When the rubber meets the road and time is of the essence nothing encourages insightful thought and Entrepreneurial insight like a good cup of coffee, a comfy chair and a quite an amused audience.  So next time you’re Cramming a final, blog post, or Entrepreneurial Genious think of Beans on Broad.

Success in Entrepreneurs

One of the things that have made young Entrepreneurs successful has been the willingness to try the unknown.  Trying these new things allows for failure, and from this failure comes valuable learning experiences.  From these experience and failures success can be found and without these, the chances of success is miniscule.  Try new things! Don’t be afraid to fail, and who knows maybe you will find real success.

Indie Games

Since the explosion of gaming in the mid-2000’s Indie games have rapidly become more available to the public.   In addition to new games, pardoy games on popular franchises have shot up in popularity.   Examples of these forms of Entrepreneurship can even be seen here at Grove City College via our own programming department.  Several of our classmates have put countless hours into these Entrepreneurial outlets.  This just goes to show you the effect of the liquid network we know as the internet on our culture and student body.

Michael Dubin: founder of Dollar Shave Club.

Michael Dubin turned funniness into a Billion dollars. Michael Dubin is the co-founder of Dollar Shave company: a service that’s shaken up the male grooming business. Dollar Shave Club is self-described as “Quality razor blades and grooming products delivered to your door. No hassle. No commitments. No BS” These razors, and other products are sold for extremely low prices: its an innovative idea.  So innovative that Unilever was willing to pay 1,000,000,000 for it – over 5 times the annual revenue of Dollar Shave Club (Michael Dubin is also one heck of a negotiator – the original offer was for a mere 40% of that.) Michael Dubin personally has stared in some of the company’s adverts – which are videos that go viral.  His unique ideas are getting the attention of huge companies – and young entrepreneurs like me.

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Casey Neistat – an innovation innovator. (Not a typo)

Casey Neistat is a rising star in new exciting categories, personal narrative video logging and social media influencer. Neistat is a “YouTuber” with over 8 million subscribers, and an extremely large social media following. Neistat used his large following not only to tell stories that get millions of views (and thousands of ad dollars per video) but also is able to seamlessly integrate corporate sponsorship into his postings.  In order to create viral videos, you must innovate, and considering he has many videos over 10 million views, he is certainly an innovator. Casey inspires me as an innovator because he makes creativity seem so attainable. His ability to make innovation seem easy is…. innovative.

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Scott’s Cheap Flights

Scott’s Cheap Flights is exactly what it sounds like: a company run by a guy named Scott who wants to find people the cheapest flights possible. At a young age, Scott Keyes discovered that he had a love for travelling the world, however he could never see himself being wealthy. His business idea was sparked after a trip he took to Milan, a round-trip flight ticket he got for only $130. He told all of his friends and they all became interested in how he got a flight so cheap. Scott saw their interest in finding cheap flights, and made a business out of it. It started as a hobby that he did just for his friends, but then expanded beyond that. Now, Scott has over 1,000,000 subscribers, and continually brings cheap flights to people who are interested in travelling for low cost.

Zach’s Web Designs

Zachary Weisenthal, Zach's Web Designs

Zachary Weisenthal, only 14 years old, is already a successful web designer and entrepreneur. Zach was inspired to launch his business, Zach’s Web Designs, after attending the entrepreneurial Maverick Family Freedom Event with his father. Zach’s business builds customizable websites for a variety of businesses. His company has already generated $15,000 in revenue from designing only 3 websites. Zach took a passion of his, web design, and was able to create a successful entrepreneurial venture out of it. This is a great example that if you have a skill, people are always willing to pay for it if you market yourself well.