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Mo’s Bows

Moziah Bridges

Moziah Bridges, only 13 years old, is well on his way to becoming a fashion mogul. Moziah, better known as Mo, created his own bow tie business at age 9. Within the next year, Mo was able to present his business on Shark Tank, making him the youngest entrepreneur that has ever been on Shark Tank. Not only is Mo innovative, but he has been very successful. Within the first three years of business, Mo’s Bows has made $350,000, and every year since launch, their sales have only continued to grow. Mo’s story is a great reminder that you can be successful no matter how young you are.



Evan, the face of the highly successful YouTube channel EvanTube, is only 9 years old, but has already become a millionaire. On the channel, Evan reviews toys and builds Lego sets for millions of people. Evan is estimated to make more than $1.3 million a year, which is pretty good for a 9 year old. Thanks to Evans YouTube success, he won’t have to worry about college expenses, and will have a pretty nice head start on life. Evans story is a great example to follow your passions, such as building Lego’s, and it could end up being a great success.

Death Wish Coffee

Mike Brown, an avid coffee enthusiast, started the iconic Death Wish Coffee company to supply coffee drinkers with a drastic increase in caffeine and boldness in each cup. Although Death Wish is currently a very widespread and influential coffee company now, it had a tricky beginning. Mike started off by owning his own coffee shop, which failed initially. He sought to discover what was causing his lack of good business. He experimented with selling various products, all of which never really took off.

It was when Mike started listening to the desires of his customers that he started experiencing success. His customers were seeking the strongest cup of coffee he offered, so he started experimenting and came up with a blend that has twice the amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee. He called came up with the name and the logo that Death Wish currently has, and his business began growing. In 2015, Death Wish won a small business competition in which they were able to have a 30-second commercial for the Super Bowl, which spiked their publicity and profits.

In mid-2017, Mike Brown was voted the Entrepreneur of the Year for his extremely successful business.



After getting sick of his sister only selling “girly” scented candles at a school fundraiser, 14-year-old Hart Main came up with the idea of selling only “manly” scented candles with hopes of changing up the candle industry. He succeeded after receiving an initial investment of $300, and started developing candle scents aimed toward a more masculine consumer. These scents include campfire, sawdust, freshly cut grass, pipe smoke, and more. His business took off, and ManCans are currently being sold in over 60 stores across the country. He has sold over 9000 candles so far, and will continue to innovate and change the candle industry.

Our Very Own: WordPress

WordPress, the blogging interface you’re currently using, was started by Matthew Mullenburg in 2003 at the age of 19. Starting off with a single bit of code in order to enhance the typography of everyday writing, WordPress blossomed into an enormous blogging platform that millions of people across the world now use. Actually based on preexisting blogging software that was discontinued, Matt revamped it using a new platform. It immediately took off, and has since greatly increased its functionality. WordPress is now a very powerful content management system that powers 22% of all websites, which was all sparked from a millennial who innovated an old blogging system.

Gladiator Lacrosse

Gladiator Lacrosse is a Lacrosse gear company formed by young entrepreneur, Rachel Zietz. At the age of 13, Rachel got the idea for Gladiator Lacrosse when she noticed that a majority of Lacrosse equipment was expensive to the average consumer. She attended a youth business pitch contest and was awarded around 2,000 dollars for her idea. Rachel took those funds and formed what we now know as Gladiator Lacrosse.

In the first year, Gladiator Lacrosse had 2M in annual sales and in the next 2 years, the business spiked to 1MM in annual sales. Rachel appeared on Shark Tank in 2016 but didn’t manage to cut a deal. The sharks said she was a shark in the making and a great entrepreneur who didn’t need their help. That year Gladiator Lacrosse surpassed 2.5MM in sales.

To find out more about Gladiator Lacrosse click here

Mo’s Bows

Moziah Bridges is an inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere at the mere age of 13. After starting his bow tie business in 2011 at the age of 9, Mo Bridges has already made upwards of a million dollars in sales. He has appeared on many tv shows including “Shark Tank” and “The Steve Harvey Show,” which have helped to increase his brand popularity. After his appearance on “Shark Tank,” Daymond John has taken Mo under his wing and become his mentor. This partnership has allowed Mo’s Bows to appear in six states across the country as well as improve his online store.

Perhaps the most impressive part of this story is Mo’s drive and commitment to seeing his idea come to fruition. Before having any sort of popularity or exposure, Mo was able to make over $55,000 in sales from Mo’s Bows. This involved spending long days hand-producing over 2000 bow ties with his grandmother. This kind of hard work and determination is what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and Mo Bridges is clearly on his way to having major success in the fashion industry.

The AirBnB Story

The startup story of AirBnb is personally one of my favorites. The story is of a now very successful company that almost went bankrupt early on in its founding. But due to entrepreneurial thinking on behalf of its founders, the company was able to step things up and make improvements to make it the incredibly successful company it is today.


Back in 2007, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia (AirBnB founders) were having trouble paying their rent and wanted to earn some extra cash. So they did what any young entrepreneur would do while living in NYC and noticing that most of the hotels were booked: they bout a couple of air mattresses and rented out space on their floor for $80 a night. Thus was the founding of “Air Bed and Breakfast” (the first iteration of AirBnb).


The company later gained a third co-founder, Nathan Blecharczyk, who was instrumental in relaunching the site in late 2008. The company looked to make a big splash with the Democratic National Convention, but only about 600 people utilized the site.


While brainstorming what could be wrong with the site, they noticed that all of the pictures on each listing were absolutely terrible. They immediately booked a flight to NYC to meet their users and to personally take more professional looking pictures. With this, they gradually begin to rebrand the site from shared spaces to all types of accommodation. In March 2009, AirBnB had 2500 listings and almost 10,000 users. It finally began to take off. Today, the rest is history.





Adam Pisoni – Dropout to Success Story

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Adam Pisoni dropped out of high school junior year because he “felt he wasn’t learning”. He enrolled directly into a local college, and within the first year knew he wanted to start his own business. After a few temporary projects, he moved to Los Angeles and launched Cnation at 19 years old. After investing his life into his company, it grew to 2 million dollars in sales with over 30 employees. However, with the dot com collapse in the early 2000’s, his online business crumbled. Pisoni was devastated, and moved to California. After working in a snowboard shop for a few years, he reentered the e-commerce business and eventually joined David Sacks, a well-connected founder of a variety of internet sites and early employer at PayPal, at his company Geni. Pisoni felt that Sacks valued him as an employee because of his ideation, and did not judge him for being a high school dropout. Eventually, Sacks had the idea for Yammer, a social media platform to facilitate communication within a company, and asked Pisoni to be its co-founder and CTO. After years of persistence, careful business moves, and steady growth, Yammer was acquired by Microsoft in a deal for 1.2 billion dollars.

Adam Pisoni’s story is especially inspiring, because it highlights his journey from relatively little to the fulfillment of his dreams of success. In his interview, Pisoni said that there was always the rational fear of failure, as well as the irrational fear of success as he ran his various businesses. He stressed the importance of making smart business moves based on careful thought and hypothesis testing, rather than always using the “go get em” attitude common to many entrepreneurs. His story also proves that individuals can do whatever they wish to achieve, provided they persist through and plan for failures, even if they may be a high school dropout.


What’s Bitcoin and who’s Satoshi Nakamoto?

Satoshi Nakamoto is the creator of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency currently in a frenzy because of valuation surpassing $16,000/BTC. Interestingly enough, Nakamoto is not actually a real person but a pen name. My guess is he’s a millennial.

Nakamoto created the currency in 2008 as an experiment. He created an internet protocol that could facilitate peer to peer transactions. Bitcoin is popular because it’s open source and decentralized. Anyone can own a Bitcoin and there is no government controlling it like the US Dollar. The blockchain makes it all possible. It’s a decentralized list that records every transaction ever made. Bitcoin basically makes the traditional ledger, found in a bank, public knowledge. If you want to spend Bitcoin, it can be sent to anyone on the network. These are where “miners” come into play. Sending Bitcoin requires solving a complex mathematical equation and the miners are the ones who process those transactions. This technology has the potential to open huge avenues for innovation. It solves one of the key problems to making transactions which is trust. Bitcoin takes the human element of trust and converts it into a mathematical formula. This technology is the first of its kind and I predict huge growth in the future.