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Me & the Bees – A Sweet Story

Two random events in Mikaila Ulmer’s life at just 4 years old have sparked an entire business. First, she got stung by two bees. Second, her Great Granny Helen sent her family her 1940’s cookbook, including a recipe for flaxseed lemonade. As Mikaila’s interest in bees grew, she began to think of ways she could contribute to help honeybees, knowing all that they contribute to our ecosystem. She ended up using her Granny’s recipe and adding honey, creating Me & the Bees Lemonade.

Her sweet lemonade soon grew into more than just a lemonade stand. What started as an idea for a children’s business competition grew into a business that sells out at youth entrepreneurial events, and donates a percentage of its profit to organizations that fight to save honeybees. Mikaila’s idea hit rapid growth after she was featured on Shark Tank at just 10 years old. Her passion and success lead her to receive a $60,000 investment! Me & the Bees Lemonade is now sold at a variety of restaurants and food delivery companies, as well as in Whole Foods Market.

One of the contributing factors to Mikaila’s success is her content. She doesn’t only sell lemonade, she provides her customers with information and an experience. She recently created a Facebook page that shares interesting facts about bees and honey. She also shares recipes and other fun information on her website, and she has a Beelieve blog. These all ensure that customers aren’t just buying lemonade, they’re learning about the mission of Me & the Bees, and are building a good brand image in their minds. The simplicity of Me & the Bees Lemonade, drives by Mikaila’s creativity, can be an example to all aspiring entrepreneurs.

Convenient Store At Your Door

Yakir Gola and Rafael Ilishayev launched goPuff when they were only sophomores at Drexel University in 2013. GoPuff is your convenient store on wheels, bringing over 3,000 items ranging from snacks and drinks to necessities and electronics – straight to your front door in 30 minutes or less. The idea came to them as car-less freshmen roommates constantly asking for rides to get basic necessities or cigarettes. There were apps for full-blown grocery shopping or gourmet food, but what about just a plain old convenient store run? – and goPuff was born.

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Before they had even fully launched, they were already getting orders from fellow college students and residents of Philadelphia. At first, the roommates worked 17-18 hour shifts with their (new) cars to deliver the snacks and goodies, but with time came employees and they now have dozens of drivers in twelve different cities across the US.Image result for gopuff

Gola and Ilishayev don’t see other food delivery services as their competitors – they see the brick and mortar convenient stores as their primary competition. Competition is a loose term however – in 2014, they already had 25,000 customers in Philadelphia alone just a year after launch.

While it’s unfortunate that their services don’t extend to Grove City, they are constantly expanding and setting up camp in more major cities across America. So the next time you’re in a big city with a hankering for Ben & Jerry’s, goPuff’s got your back.