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Pit It! Pinterest.


There is an online platform that many individuals, particularly millennials, enjoy. Well, often it’s a procrastination mechanism, at least it is for me. Pinterest allows you to save links to various sites including (but not limited to) retail sites and blogs. “Pins”, as they are called, are categorized and browse-able. With one simple click on the image, your computer, tablet or smartphone immediately links to the site from which the picture was pinned. This allows a user to collect and share others ideas, styles, thoughts, quotes, travels and just about anything you could think to take a snap shot of. I have certainly found myself spending a lot of time on this virtual creativity board.

Ben Silberman, born in 1982, co-founded the virtual pin-board known as Pinterest. Silberman is an internet entrepreneur and acts as the CEO of Pinterest. Silberman is quite the accomplished man. He participated in a prestigious high school research program at MIT, and he later graduated from Yale with his undergraduate degree. Silberman worked at Google in the online advertising group, until he started creating his own apps. Silberman said he thought of Pinterest because he has always liked to collect things. Now, with Pinterest, we can all collect ideas!


Jason Ross is an entrepreneur and a graduate from Ohio State University. He started JackThreads in 2007 ¬†after he called it quits on his sports marketing company. Why JackThreads? Ross named the company after his grandfather and threads is another way to say clothes. The name signifies that the site is for guys and that it is young and stylish. JackThreads is a “flash-sale members-only site” that offers discounted clothes and accessories. All one needs to sign up and become a member is an email address that will serve as your login username. You can order various articles of clothing and accessories from watches to t-shirts to suits. $10 gift cards can be earned when someone you have referred makes a purchase as well. He explained how he was not passionate about his sports marketing company and was unprepared because he did not write a business plan or research the market very well. He learned from his mistake and before starting JackThreads, he researched the market and then realized there was an opportunity. He explained how his inspiration came from private shopping clubs in Europe and he knew that there were no flash sale sites that were exclusively for men. Ross was passionate about style and was into street wear so his target market are males aged 18-35, he went into this business solo and built it up for two and a half years before hiring a second person. He worked night jobs such as bar tending so he could work on JackThreads during the day, he also maxed out several credit cards to pay for business expenses. He used his networks to help construct his first website. He was assisted by one of his former professors at Ohio State who assigned the coding as a project. Ross, as well as utilizing his networks, he utilizes mobile apps. The JackThreads app has been on the iTunes top 10 and has over 2 million downloads. Ross says the app plays a huge role in his business, with 40% of all sales being from the app. Ross started the company with only 6 brands, now he has over 450 and has over $20 million in revenue. A lot of lessons can be learned from Jason Ross and his transition from one business to another as well as his story of building his company.