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Double Trouble

When I was a little girl, my dad would call my twin sister and me “double trouble.” She and I both were constantly doing things together, especially bad things. I believe many other parents with twins can attest to that title being very accurate for the same reason too. I’m sure the parents of twin boys Ryan and Adam Goldston felt the same way.

I cannot attest to how well behaved they were as children, but both Ryan and Adam as young entrepreneurs seemed to cause some trouble. As mere 28 year olds, they had already created a product that had been banned from the NBA. As you can imagine, that created some interest in their company. So much interest that they sold out of nine months of inventory just 72 hours after their banning was announced.

I guess, you have to ask what an entrepreneur has to do to get his product banned from part of the sports industry. The answer to that would be to design the first pair of sneakers that allows you to jump higher and run faster. They call it “Load ‘N Launch,” and it is the first patented technology of its kind.

This duo got their idea from sports they had played all throughout high school and college. Once they graduated they started tinkering with the possibility of a shoe that could help the user. Eventually, they came up with this technology and the name of their company, Athletic Propulsion Labs or APL. These fancy shoes come in all kinds of colors, styles, and modifications for specific purposes. APL recently launched a clothing line too.

Ryan and Adam, partnered with each other to revolutionize the old industry of sneakers. They bring a new youthful fun flare to what appears to be a stagnant marketplace. It seems to me that they are a force to be reckoned with and already are becoming successful.

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