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Save the Storks

Joe and Ann Baker founded Save the Storks in 2011 after living out of a gutted Mercedes van for years. Joe and Ann Baker realized the emotional power of expecting mothers seeing the ultrasounds of their unborn children but because most abortion clinics don’t offer ultrasounds, this provided a gap in the market. They decided to start a company that provided a simple service: giving expectant mothers considering an abortion a free ultrasound. They gathered together investors and employees and began a well-planned movement.

In a slightly poetic manner, they bought the same vans that they lived out of for years and refurbished them with an ultrasound machine and leather couches. They drove these vans to abortion clinics and parked outside. They then invite any expecting mother they seeĀ entering or exiting the clinic to come in an see the baby’s ultrasound. Because the vans are clean, sanitary, and professional-looking Save the Storks has a large number of mothers take them up on the offer. According to their website, for every 4 women that see their baby, 3 decide to keep it.

This company is expanding rapidly. To date, they have 50 vans parked at abortion clinics around the nation.